Example sentences of "it is assumed " in BNC.

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1 In other academic areas it is assumed that the teacher knows more than the student , and is there to convey this knowledge , whether as a corpus or a skill .
2 Now it is assumed all in a household have an equal share of the total income .
3 It is assumed that he was arrested on suspicion of being an American spy .
4 It is assumed that : Ax = Ay Fx Fy
5 This allows a comparison to be made between markets in countries that are at a different stage in their development , but it is assumed that their development will follow a similar pattern .
6 It is assumed that If Ax\ , Fx\ and Fyz are known , then market demand for product A in country Y in time period 2 can be estimated .
7 We therefore have : 1 ) the malady if it is a malady ; at any rate it is assumed to be a malady by the proponents of incomes policy ; 2 ) a theoretical cause of the malady , which is not disputed ; 3 ) the practical demonstration that this cause has been in operation ; and 4 ) the psychological explanation why that cause is desired , fomented and sustained by Governments .
8 Although it is assumed that birds have not a highly developed sense of taste , both tits and blackbirds , despite any flamboyant coloration to attract them , recognise Sturmers as worthy of attention , and those out of reach , when harder weather prevails , will , as in former winters , attract both fieldfares and winter-visiting blackcaps .
9 It is assumed that Mr Cojuangco would then become chairman of San Miguel , as he was in the Marcos days .
10 It is assumed that holders of other sequestered shares will now try to regain their voting rights .
11 ’ . It is assumed that pain and suffering are forces driving men to true religion .
12 It is assumed here that juries and others do attach considerable importance to the label when it is a question of homicide , and therefore that the excessive use of force in self-defence is a matter which is properly reflected by a separate qualified defence , rather than being left to sentencing ( which means executive discretion , if the mandatory penalty for murder remains ) or forced artificially into the doctrine of provocation ( when there may be no real evidence of loss of self-control ) .
13 Because in the past , upper-class unionists have been less than staunchly committed to the defence of traditional loyalism , it is assumed that others who acquire elements of upper-class status , such as a university education , will themselves be more moderate than their uneducated elders .
14 Within the cone of vision it is assumed that all lines and planes parallel to the picture plane are true to scale .
15 If you die leaving £347,000 to your wife it is assumed that she still has it when she dies , so £200,000 is taxable then .
16 This mental health orientation leads to a more pessimistic outlook on patient needs — they not only require treatment , but it is assumed that it must be compulsory — and there is a tendency towards a ‘ presumption of risk ’ — that the presence of mental illness makes the situation inherently risky .
17 The discussion is more neutral only in so far as it is assumed that the curriculum ( such a global phenomenon ) is no-one 's responsibility in particular , and clearly this is so in an individual sense — but it is however the responsibility of the profession to take a leading role in this area and at the moment it is not fulfilling this role .
18 Here it is assumed that the child 's right to education is a correlative of the parent 's duty to send the child to school .
19 The statue is late Roman , the head of ( it is assumed ) Archbishop Adelmanno having been added at a later stage in what was believed to have been tenth-century style .
20 It is assumed that so-called reminder treatments act in some way to increase the likelihood that associations ( especially weak ones that will be most in need of such help ) will be effective in generating overt conditioned responding , then the pattern of results observed can be accommodated .
21 It is assumed to be adversarial , whether the couple feel adversarial or not , whether or not they have specifically agreed that they want to be sensibly amicable .
22 At the centre of the conception is high youth unemployment which , it is assumed , in the case of males leads to crime and trouble with the police ; in the case of females it leads to single-parent families .
23 It is assumed that different pattern-controlling genes are switched on in forelimb and hindlimb , but this remains speculation .
24 Because many old people are poor , or mentally or physically frail , it is assumed that they are also rigid , unable to learn , unable to make new relationships , and so on .
25 It is assumed that overall coverage of new publications in the authority is achieved by these departments .
26 It is assumed that all trainees will return to their bureaux and where necessary areas of weakness that emerged during training will be worked at with their in-bureau tutor .
27 As with Lombroso 's work and the Gluecks ' study discussed above , by starting with institutionalised criminals , it is assumed that all prisoners are criminals and that most criminals do , in fact , go to prison .
28 The claim that status frustration is the motivating factor also suffers from a middle-class bias , in that it is assumed that delinquents cherish middle-class status goals , such as educational success .
29 The population data arc rather more problematic , since they are generated from the ‘ centroids ’ of census enumeration districts ( EDs ) ; the boundaries of the census EDs do not conveniently follow a grid , it is assumed they have a similar fuzzy tolerance to the other coverages .
30 It is assumed that you are using version 5.0 of the program and that the original settings on the program disk are in force .
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