Example sentences of "ought to [be] " in BNC.

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1 There is no need to be intimidated by the formality of a staid institution 's catalogue , or to neglect popular magazines ; as for writing in various academic disciplines , there ought to be no barrier to learning about an interesting topic .
2 The old man is sitting under a tree , and a young girl is near him ; I think he is blind — at least , he ought to be .
3 In fact , those who most seem to be themselves appear to me people impersonating what they think they might like to be , believe they ought to be , or wish to be taken to be by whoever is setting standards .
4 Between your legs the silver comets spiral through the night , I lose myself , he says … he says … how beautiful you are Maggie and how beautiful life ought to be with you .
5 As a rule of thumb , Dijon mustard ought to be presented with a pot au feu or potée .
6 If you asked him she ought to be put away for she was plainly off her trolley .
7 The way I see it — if I had saved the world from a lot of boring belly dancers I ought to be congratulated .
8 ‘ It seems to me , ’ said Henry Tyler , in the last analysis a Ministry man , ‘ that this stuff , whatever it is , is something that ought to be put a stop to . ’
9 questions were being raised about what the police were doing , what they ought to be doing and how they ought to be organised and accountable .
10 questions were being raised about what the police were doing , what they ought to be doing and how they ought to be organised and accountable .
11 If the less frequently attacked male groin must be protected by a guard , then it follows that chest protectors ought to be compulsory for female contestants .
12 I found myself thinking affectionately that I ought to be straightforward with him ; the English liked that .
13 You can not blame a brilliant young player who takes , say , the $200,000 he or she is offered , to play just for one night but it inevitably gives them a totally false impression of life and what their tennis priorities ought to be .
14 Probably having keys would bee greeted with horror by some , but it ought to be possible to rationalise the finger holes .
15 This , I believe , is against the law , but it is a law that deserves to be broken , for it is the puritanical nonsense of excluding children — and therefore to some extent , women — from pubs that has turned these places into mere boozing-shops instead of the family gathering-places that they ought to be . ’
16 The belated realization that these things are no longer so leads to the embittered and baffled reaction that they ought to be so .
17 Experienced teachers ought to be able to deflect the naïve foundationalism that insists that literary works ‘ can only be understood ’ in such-and-such a cultural , social , or ideological context , by contextualizing the proponent 's own discourse .
18 Accordingly I ought to be able to say that at this stage his comments seem to me beside the point , or more exactly in excess of it .
19 There are such awkward critics as Fred Bergsten , of the Institute of International Economics in Washington , who argue that a private-sector induced deficit might actually be more tiresome than the US-style ‘ twin deficits ’ — in public finances and the current account — because however much he deprecates the latter , at least it is clear what ought to be done .
20 Lord Donaldson implied , however , that solicitors who exercised their new rights of audience in these cases ought to be expected to concentrate on advocacy .
21 If being nice to infants is a way of currying favour with females , the benefits ought to be discernible in the way males were treated once the observer females were let loose .
22 There is a dual benefit to the consumer : because there is less wastage , the genetically engineered tomatoes ought to be cheaper ; and they ought to taste better too .
23 HALF THE pleasure of a southern Chinese meal ought to be the rice ; its humble utility need not obscure its noble worth .
24 ‘ We ought to be under no illusion that the success or otherwise of what is happening in Poland and Hungary will substantially rest upon the actions of the two governments , ’ Mr Major said .
25 I feel I ought to be nice to them wherever possible .
26 Sir : Increasing the recycling of plastics ought to be near the top of Britain 's environmental priorities , as your article ‘ The search to escape a plastic nightmare ’ ( 27 September ) suggests .
27 If libel awards ( decided by juries ) appear high relative to , say , personal injury awards ( made by judges against published scales ) , surely the latter ought to be revised upwards , not the former downwards .
28 Certainly , Mr Patten , a Roman Catholic , ought to be able to appreciate casuistry .
29 They ought to be examining and cross-examining Dudley Wood , Clive Rowlands , Rhys Williams and Terry Vaux .
30 If in Cosi it is the women who are put upon , then in L'Italiana in Algeri it is the eponymous heroine who wears the trousers — or so , at least , it ought to be .
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