Example sentences of "needed be [prep] " in BNC.

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1 The last thing she needed was to be up in front of the stewards again .
2 The head stressed that what Balbinder needed was to be in a small group , not in a class of twenty-three .
3 The last thing she needed was to be trapped in a broken-down vehicle with Piers Morrison .
4 The last thing in the world she needed was to be attracted to the man who had been Elise 's lover — even if he were n't already engaged in a live-in relationship with another woman !
5 The last thing she needed was to be found trespassing in the Baron 's private grounds .
6 ‘ I 'm hoping to see something of Czechoslovakia while I 'm here , ’ she replied , but as it suddenly struck her that the silence emanating from Ven Gajdusek was decidedly chilly — and since the last thing she needed was to be bad friends with him if he objected to Lubor Ondrus flirting with her on his time , ‘ But now I must return to my hotel , ’ she added .
7 The last thing South Africa needed was for tourists , especially British tourists , to be murdered on the beaches .
8 Their private parts were firmly jammed in the wringer and all it needed was for somebody to the rescue .
9 All it needed was for the envelope to be stuck down .
10 Luke Calder was used to getting what he wanted from life , and the last thing she needed was for him to turn his sights on to her , even though it might only be to put her back in her place !
11 Until she 'd made up her mind one way or the other , the last thing she needed was for rumours of an imminent retirement from music to start circulating .
12 The last thing she needed was for the plane to go without her .
13 Little damage had been done , all it needed was for the cargo to be reassembled , but , while several tourists were rushing energetically around attempting to do this , the drivers of the carts had taken time off to chat .
14 The number of sureties needed was in proportion to the sum borrowed , one housekeeper for £5 , two for £10 and so on .
15 had erm eggs , butter , tea , everything you could you needed was in there , and tins of all different kind of soup and were apples , oranges , everything was in there , in the parcel .
16 He placed an old towel on the bathroom floor so that it would not get wet and he ensured that everything he needed was within reach so that he did not have to move from the spot and so drip water everywhere .
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