Example sentences of "happened to be " in BNC.

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1 Charles wanted his protégé in and as I was the resident ( and unpopular ) Baroque sculpture specialist , I happened to be in the way .
2 We first met him at an elegant hotel in the ‘ uptown ’ district of Manhattan , New York , overlooking Central park , a watering place well known to artists ( Joe Cocker also happened to be in residence at the time ) .
3 Buddeke wrote bits of her speech into a notebook as he examined those around him and made note of the enthusiastic individuals who happened to be standing nearby , describing dress , attitude , or making little sketches .
4 But back to Bodytalk , whose convention happened to be at the Metropole , next to Labour 's conference hotel .
5 The local MP happened to be Michael Heseltine , who knows a thing or two about campaigning .
6 She spent more and more time off her eggs , parading about the yard , cackling as if demented and taking sudden rushes in whatever direction she happened to be facing when each fit of frenzy overcame her .
7 By way of Nero and his brief successor Galba ( who happened to be 73 , which is Mr Healey 's present age ) , we arrived at a picture , on page 483 , of Mr Healey dressed as Father Christmas , which I suggested was deeply melancholy .
8 In there happened to be a very comfortable-looking barn .
9 As a result the peasant gathering ( skhod ) which happened to be scheduled then assembled an unusually high number of villagers .
10 It can not have been easy for an ordinand or a curate to stand up to contemptuous persiflage about his religion from one of the ablest minds of the generation who happened to be his own brother .
11 one happened to be by our client Paul Brady , and ‘ Private Dancer ’ was written by Mark Knopfler .
12 A bloke called Adrian happened to be in there as well .
13 Then , on one occasion , Malcolm happened to be around when they came in .
14 Midge happened to be standing next to them in the shop where they got the bum 's rush .
15 Morgan found confirmation of it in the fact that the people he had studied in most detail — the Iroquois — happened to be matrilineal .
16 Candidates had to write down what they felt would most help them improve their lives and these suggestions were forwarded to the Prince in the diplomatic bag to wherever he happened to be in the world ; he then chose whom the money should go to .
17 He was famous simply because he happened to be the Prince of Wales ; and in his darker moments he felt that charities and organizations only wanted him because of his name .
18 She broke into films in 1933 , when MGM advertised for ‘ tall girls in bathing suits ’ , and made her movie debut in the chorus in Dancing Lady , which also happened to be Fred Astaire 's first film .
19 It was basically a group of people who happened to be around but very soon we all had titles and were constantly organising and re-organising the creating divisions and systems and methods .
20 Bulwark , with 42nd Commando on board , happened to be at Karachi doing hot-weather trials , and 45th Commando was at Aden .
21 The truth was revealed only by chance , when a journalist for the US magazine Sports Illustrated happened to be aboard a boat when it hauled up seven dead porpoises , caught in a single set .
22 Unknown to him , the stump on which he was standing happened to be a car-parts plant owned by Italians .
23 The appropriate court was usually the court of the diocese in which the deceased 's property happened to be ; if there was property in several dioceses , it was necessary to apply to the prerogative Court .
24 The reason why absenteeism was non-existent on Thursdays was not just because it happened to be pay day .
25 Both men had leapt to their feet and had been restrained from using violence by the mates of the shop steward , who just happened to be on hand .
26 One of the two witnesses , who also just happened to be the convener , Fred Clasper , claimed that a second warning note was unjustified as the foreman had been knocked down unintentionally .
27 Before being taken to the platform , he was introduced to those members of the Committee who happened to be milling around the entrance .
28 Unbeknown to Mark , one of the titled politicians present also happened to be an international banker and financial advisor to several US corporations .
29 Unfortunately , PC Dickens happened to be a writer too .
30 We had coffee , talked of the gardens and of plants difficult to grow in chalky soil — but nothing personal was said on either side , nor any thought of how she happened to be with me .
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