Example sentences of "shown to be " in BNC.

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1 ‘ but invariably , even when we have needed to correct or update details in our reports , the sad fact remains that the overall portrait of horror has been shown to be true and if anything , understated . ’
2 This will be shown to be particularly the case in the next chapter on the relationship between catholicism and the Irish constitution .
3 The spirit of papal statements throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was that it was the duty of the state to oppose freedom of conscience in matters of religion and freedom of worship and to celebrate openly the worship of God ‘ in that way which he has shown to be his will ’ , namely Roman catholicism ( Leo XIII 1903 : 111–12 ) .
4 This respect for authority has appeared throughout the examples given , but it has also been shown to be a respect within certain limits .
5 For even at the generally modest level of competition that Beckenham offers , the British are shown to be dismal failures .
6 Pimlico was shown to be comparatively resistant to clamping , as were Mayfair , Soho and Knightsbridge , all of them part of the original clamping area .
7 Yet since 1987 , the level of child sexual abuse diagnosed in Cleveland has been shown to be no higher than elsewhere in the country , and an increasing number of people locally take the view that she should be treated in the same way as myself — allowed to return to work as a paediatrician in Cleveland , but restricted from working in child abuse for the time being .
8 Although paperwork is boring , it is not difficult to do , but there are other duties where there is a risk of being shown to be incompetent , which are disliked for this reason .
9 Again he is taking over precisely the ‘ modern ’ definitions and oppositions , between the normal and pathological , the natural and unnatural , etc. , which have been shown to be both confused and ideological in the narrow sense .
10 And feeding back through that inversion is an equally scandalous interrogation of the dominant order being mimicked ; civil society is shown to be rooted in a like corruption .
11 Masculine sexuality is shown to be complex and unstably implicated within the whole social domain .
12 Also , two of masculinity 's basic characteristics , sexual prowess and violence , are shown to be inextricably related , as indicated for example by the conventional but still revealingly obsessive association of sword and phallus ( e.g. at ii .
13 In an extraordinary speech masculinity is further shown to be rooted in a sexual violence performed inseparably against both men and women — ( Vitelli to Clara ) :
14 The Colonial Office Circular of 1909 to its employees on ‘ immoral relations with native women , is shown to be a crucial development which involved ‘ a massive and indeed revolutionary intrusion of public authority into the private lives of official classes overseas ’ .
15 The idea of the unchanging east was widespread in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century thought and it seems that Marx accepted this view , although it has subsequently been shown to be misleading .
16 But this , it is claimed , may make them more vulnerable than most to negative emotions when they are shown to be powerless .
17 However , receptive anal intercourse is shown to be the riskiest sexual behaviour .
18 Share ownership is shown to be most common in London and the South-east , both in general and for those holding privatisation shares alone .
19 In relative terms , Britain was shown to be a middle-ranking power with her ability to take independent military action strictly limited .
20 Kenya 's tranquillity could vanish if it were shown to be involved : the killing prompted the first of last year 's riots .
21 Often , both in America and in Britain , hostile takeovers have been shown to be reckless , mistaken and damaging .
22 The story that she has no artistic taste was shown to be a lie in January when a collection of her old-master paintings sold well at Christie 's in New York .
23 But the impression was soon shown to be erroneous .
24 The impressive free-standing sculptures on the podium of the building were shown to be made of two types of Pentelic marble .
25 Arguments of principle which have consequences for the wellbeing and future happiness of the disputants are very easily shown to be really about profit and interest .
26 In these experiments , two kinds of learning have been shown to be possible in a nervous system with fixed cell numbers and connections , by altering the effectiveness of synapses .
27 It was generally believed that there was some animosity between ‘ Lenny ’ and Herbert von Karajan , although this has never been shown to be true , so the atmosphere in the Philharmonie was electric .
28 This was confirmed also in a case involving Ewbank J. in Coventry City Council V T ( 1986 ) ELR 299 ‘ that access had to be shown to be beneficial to the child ’ .
29 By using chromatofocusing techniques and enzyme assays , the enzymes involved in the biocontrol action of Trichoderma have been shown to be chitinases. glucanases and proteases .
30 ( The selenium analogue of has recently been shown to be a semiconductor . )
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