Example sentences of "shown to [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Early versions have been shown to various journalists , and promise a level of functionality that vanilla Windows ca n't offer .
2 A sixty-foot tree , a gift from the people of Stockholm in recognition of the hospitality shown to Swedish seamen during the war , arrived at the Docks and was ceremoniously welcomed by the Lord Mayor .
3 And there he was he was held up and shown to passing motorists .
4 On issues like this Coetzee 's sensitivity and grasp of detail are shown to good effect : but with regard to the broader historical significance of these organizations he is less assured , and he leaves untouched some of the more important questions raised by his work .
5 The new Applique range of carpets , launched at the exhibition , is shown to visiting customers by Sales Representative , Robin Saunders .
6 Long , muscled legs were shown to full advantage by a pair of crisp khaki shorts .
7 Using this major exhibition as a sounding board , the range , consisting of an 80 wool 20 nylon twist in sixteen colours was shown to potential customers .
8 In addition , the JM video ‘ Using Precious Metals for all their Worth ’ was shown to interested visitors .
9 The cave infill at Westbury-sub-Mendip was uncovered during quarrying in 1969 when bones were found in the quarry workings and shown to local experts .
10 The exclusion of fixed charges from section 245 arguably reflects the favouritism shown to secured creditors in English company law , although to make a secured charge subject to the claims of preferential creditors would obviously affect both the terms of credit and the amount of credit available , and this may justify the present position .
11 By the following year , as a result of mortgage and foreclosures , the manifest favouritism shown to French squatters and the pressures of population , peasants in Tonkin were having to feed themselves on average from the product of just over one-third of an acre of padi per head : in some localities barely a fifth .
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