Example sentences of "said [prep] [be] " in BNC.

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1 One thing that can be said about is that he he 's never drab .
2 However , there is something to be said for being kept waiting by a buyer .
3 " There 's a lot to be said for being free , " she panted .
4 Some people may find it too exciting ; certainly , there is something to be said for being on the side of the road away from the steep drops into the valley , which means driving eastwards by this route and not westwards , or into Bigorre not out of it .
5 The Man with a Sheep is said to be humanitarian ; that is far from one 's experience in front of it , and the assertion is not much supported by the iconographical evidence .
6 Suppose a scene is said to be in correct perspective ?
7 I am not confident that either book may be said to be well-written ; that question , too , could be thought to arise .
8 Neither of these books , however , could be said to be intent on revenge .
9 The journalists to whom I am referring can more solemnly be said to be practising a modern art of indirection , of the unintelligible and the interminable .
10 Both this novel and the one which it resumes are ‘ hung ’ books , in the sense that Parliaments are said to be hung .
11 The letter it sends is to an attractive friend who goes about ‘ bagging birds ’ , and who belongs to a world in which the beautiful say yes to the beautiful and wildly misbehave , a world which is said to be ‘ described on Sundays only ’ , in papers like the News of the World — but which is also described in Take a girl like you .
12 Between men and women , too , there is said to be a barrier .
13 So the two works are said to be both like one another and unlike .
14 His shiksas and replicas , hostilities and escapes , have taken part in a great game of long duration , and he can be said to be reviewing the state of play .
15 That Bellow , this participant in Roth 's inner life , can also be said to be out there in the world as his friend , and perhaps his rival , is a fact which does not help one to decide whether or not to trust the reports of literary duality — what comes in has to have been out — but it is very much in the tradition .
16 If my lady can be said to be amusing .
17 But if you think of it as model of whole world , as great cathedrals were said to be , or physicists ' models today ?
18 VITALITE Light is a sunflower oil spread which is said to be high in polyunsaturated fat , and low in saturated fat and cholesterol .
19 Such groups were said to be like the foreigners in the adjacent forces , for it was constantly repeated that many wanted to join us but failed because of some inadequacy .
20 The quality of ‘ capture ’ which is often said to be the major aim of the department becomes another ‘ lip service ’ to the outside world , although once again the symbolic content of this truth is multi-vocal .
21 Consequently they are said to be only suitable for the rarified world of HQ where men with no ‘ bottle ’ and the non-combatants have fled .
22 Greying a little at the temples , Leonard unconsciously confirms why he is labelled one of Canada 's sexiest men , a handsome and elegant man with dark eyes ( they are said to be green , but that never showed in the light of Montreal , nor in its wintry sunshine ) .
23 Those born on a Friday are said to be marked out for special piety , which does not mean that they will be pious necessarily ; only that their natures are imbued with that proclivity .
24 He suffers still , even if the widow 's life is said to be ‘ waning ’ , her eyes ‘ tear-reddened ’ , her freedom blighted — along with her happiness .
25 This word universal is never the name of anything existent in nature , nor of any idea or phantasm found in the mind [ my italics ] , but always the name of some word or name ; so that when a living creature , a stone , a spirit , or any other thing , is said to be universal , it is not to be understood that any man , stone etc. , ever was or can be universal , but only that the words , living creature , stone , etc. , are universal names , that is , names common to many things ; and the conceptions answering them in the mind are the images and phantasms of several living creatures or other things .
26 The constructivist starting-point could not be more different , and might be said to be ‘ biological ’ where the representational theory is ‘ engineering ’ — or ‘ machinological ’ .
27 A pronunciation of a word is said to be assembled when it is built up piecemeal from its component letters .
28 This , in fact insuperable , difficulty is said to be overcome by proposing that mental phenomena and brain processes are the same stuff viewed within different theoretical frameworks .
29 It can be said to be the wind rustling through the trees , when first heard as the Tsarevich climbs over the wall to find his Princess .
30 This is an easy way of getting light into a garage , and the glazing material used by Cardale is said to be 100 times stronger than glass .
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