Example sentences of "'d be [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Getting him out of bed in the mornings in time for school became a real problem for his family when he 'd been up most of the night with pencil and note book .
2 Father and son exchanged looks , in better temper with each other than they 'd been for years .
3 ‘ Now he 's happier , I think , than he 'd been for a long time .
4 They were both drunker than they 'd been for years .
5 However , the London season was almost upon them and she was more cheerful than she 'd been for weeks .
6 " I feel worn out , much more than I would if I 'd been for miles on the moor .
7 I do n't think he 'd been for about six month .
8 They came up to view Heidi 's riding display then I went back with them and Vicki and Malcolm diverted from Barford on the Sunday where they 'd been for lunch and picked me up Sunday afternoon the sort of following weekend .
9 They 'd been for a meal and they came to the flat and they rung us to say they were there .
10 Cos they 'd been for a meal on the way as well !
11 If I 'd been of your chosen few ,
12 I 'd been of less practical help , but Terry had encouraged me to make general criticisms of the scheme .
13 I 'd been over the pub at dinnertime .
14 And I 'd got them here and I thought well I do n't know what to do with them and I b b interested in I 'm interested in going back in time , I 'll go anywhere where I can see something and I 'd been over there and they 'd got some Home Guard stuff in a case , only a small show , and I asked them if they 'd like it and they said yes .
15 ‘ But I do n't want to be sharing my life with anyone , gorgeous hunk or not , ’ Shannon had pointed out mildly , managing with an effort not to remind Kelly they 'd been over this ground a hundred times before .
16 He 'd been over the limit , they 'd said , when he 'd crashed his BMW , and there could have been no sympathy whatsoever for him from the relatives of the woman killed in the other car .
17 What they 'd been over there to a stallion ?
18 They 'd been to the hospital , and they 'd been over the flat so I said to them well pop the blankets on and come over here then and have your supper and go back .
19 He 'd been under the ice , under the water , for ten minutes or more .
20 She 'd been under a spell — she must have been .
21 For heaven 's sake , she 'd been under a bit of strain of late , so what was more natural than that , having at last met the man she had been at pains to meet — actually being out walking with him , and on such a lovely sharp but sunny day — she should — er — relax a little ?
22 But common sense , coupled with the prospect of the time and paperwork involved in interviewing the hundred or so people who 'd been through the Cookery and Refreshment Tent during the past few hours finally defeated his hope for personal glory through brilliant deduction .
23 The iron grey , Tero , got by because her coat was almost black , but Maldita was so dazzlingly white , except for a sprinkling of rust-brown freckles on her belly , that she looked as though she 'd been through the car wash .
24 At last we were able to talk to people who 'd been through this . ’
25 We 'd been discussing something else , and I said it out of the blue , but in my mind it was as if we 'd just been talking about Oliver , and the way she answered , as if she thought we 'd just been talking about Oliver too and there was n't any break in that conversation even though we 'd been through lots of different subjects in the meantime , made me feel very cheerful .
26 How would you describe , if you 'd been through that jungle what would you have said ?
27 I 'd been through the trauma of losing a house once before and I knew how demoralizing and degrading it is .
28 She just had to have someone to talk about Fred to , and Jane , who 'd been through exactly the same cycle of experiences with him as Doris had , only one floor below , was the ideal person . "
29 He said they 'd been through the a the er interview process and they 've chosen who they want .
30 And there was a a a a lad who was about a couple of years older than me , he 'd be about twenty three , he 'd been through the War and er he was a real revolutionary , he was re and and he was very intelligent .
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