Example sentences of "'s been for " in BNC.

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1 It 's just the way it 's been for years .
2 You 've no idea how good it 's been for me out here .
3 But it 's been for about two month now , but it 's
4 But see what my reward 's been for those years spent glorifying God at my craft . ’
5 I mean the new areas of course for us er and I still count the medical practices as a new area although it 's been for four years
6 Er fairly easy to determine what your background 's been for the last twenty six years er and I have to say that 's quite unusual these nowadays , particularly in financial services .
7 Greg Downs says the club is in a better position than it 's been for eight or nine years and if they can play as well as last year they 've got a good chance
8 The sun 's been shining all week over Hereford : United are on a high , five goals against Colchester was the best news there 's been for years at Edgar Street .
9 Jim 's been for a , this afternoon at the Hart and Straw Club
10 then that and he just bring me pack of cards you know er but er that 's how it 's been for a while you know if I thought well being a sh that that 's now we 've done it it 's a pity we 've not got , mind you I mean it can go potty again in a few years .
11 She 's been the middle school , she 's been for a visit to the middle school
12 Yeah it 's been for sale for a long time .
13 It 's been for sale for ages has n't it ?
14 That 's been for sale for some time , long as I can remember practic just imagine you 'd be in the catchment area for would n't that be fun , there 's Jason .
15 She 's been for the week
16 So he 's been for two years .
17 He 's been for .
18 Du n no , oh he 's , he 's what , he 's been for another job interview and the bloke
19 Well I said to er one lady who 's been for first time and she thinks it 's marvellous !
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