Example sentences of "'s be [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Somebody 's been over it with a duster .
2 Tim Gardener from Ashton , Gardener & Dyke runs the Cat & Fiddle — he 's been over there for years .
3 If there have beeb question marks in the past over Saucony shoes , it 's been over the durability of the midsoles in some of the older models .
4 No , it 's been , it 's been over a period of two or three years ?
5 Our experience generally in North Yorkshire 's been over the last ten years that overall , there have been exceptions , but generally overall , there 's not been a problem about local plans drying up and then allocations drying up over the period , generally .
6 It looks like it 's been on the M twenty five on a Friday night , and every tyre 's been over it .
7 Erm , somebody tells me that Sarah is erm doing very well but has had a foul cold ever since she 's been over there , is she very well now ?
8 What 's been over there ?
9 Mrs Baldwin 's been under 'im just recent , poor woman , with a leg ulcer .
10 However , if you train with a coach who 's been under pressure conditions , it can make a difference in your own performance . ’
11 Ever since she 's been under threat of eviction .
12 Six tries was just what the doctor ordered for a Gloucester team that 's been under the weather for too long this season … and this win was even more rewarding when you think that six first teamers were missing …
13 But one woman who should have been there could n't attend the ceremony — because she 's been under house arrest for the past four years .
14 It 's been under wraps for weeks , but now the political biography everyone 's talking about has finally arrived .
15 And he 's been under somebody or other at Charing Cross Hospital I , who has a rather different approach to the whole thing , many other people 's involve rest and doing nothing and so on and so forth .
16 If she 's been under stress .
17 ‘ WELL we 've waited long enough , but it 's been worth it , ’ said one of the nearly 200 primary school teachers who gathered at St Wilfrid 's Church in Northwich for a mass of thanksgiving for the new national programme for religious education .
18 Even if it costs us a few hundred quid , it 's been worth it .
19 Working on the project was an awful lot of hard work , and a lot of soul searching but it 's been worth it .
20 " But it 's been worth all the pain and trouble . "
21 He really was brought up in his tracks , and said , when he brought her home , well if that only made one person think , it 's been worth it .
22 They are very , very , very quick indeed and very , very efficient , and this is why , since the War London has been the centre of the recording industry , simply because it 's been worth the while for Americans in recording companies , for example , to record in London rather than anywhere else because we are so efficient .
23 ‘ It took her six years to mention the second child to me , and because of the way she 's been towards me , I 've never had an avenue to find out whether he was my son or not . ’
24 Did n't smell very strong the top 's been off it .
25 Apparently she 's been off all week .
26 She 's been off her face quite a lot actually .
27 If he has been known at all to movie-goers thus far , it 's been as Spike Lee 's cinematographer : even when Lee 's brashness caused you to squirm in your seat , you still have something pretty marvellous to look at , and that 's Ernest Dickerson 's work .
28 He 's been as the R E , which is reasonable to be fair .
29 Er which is the case unfortunately in er some instances with animals , but it 's been as you know perhaps at the R S P C A shelter just down the road there at er , but it 's gone now to a happy home in Derbyshire .
30 ‘ The wood going into a 40 gallon barrel , it 's been about a hundredweight of wood .
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