Example sentences of "found the next " in BNC.

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1 Taking two , freshly caught Highland sea-trout , he placed them on the mud flats below the bridge , where they were found the next morning .
2 Alas , many others had already made their judgment on the flimsy evidence of that supposed phone call … and had found the next King guilty .
3 During his rapid exit from the balloon carriage Sadler had lost both his signal flags , but these were found the next day in a field near Burton Pedwardine by Mr Edward Robinson , together with Sadler 's hat , cushion and , understandably , his broken thermometer !
4 They left the dance together and her body was found the next morning in a deep pool of water near a local footpath .
5 Witnesses working near the river bank in Gloucester where a body was found the next day , told the jury at Bristol Crown Court of hearing screams .
6 Her body was found the next February and a man , hospital radiographer Frederic Blancke , was charged with murder .
7 Just as the family was beginning to get over the tragedy , Dawn 's older sister , Sheila , 6 , vanished from home and was found the next day , drowned in a canal .
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