Example sentences of "all [prep] [art] " in BNC.

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1 All through the furore , the numbers attending the hospital 's paediatric department did not drop , she says .
2 All through the service , and all day and night , people come and go , moving intently along the walls , listening and reading everything .
3 The dog seems anxious to get the harness on ; indeed , all through the trip the dogs are always keen to pull and seem miserable when they are tied off for the night .
4 All through the first part of the interview — the crazy part , when she had been talking about seeing her son in the house — Hank had been telling the straight truth .
5 All through the campaign , Mr Smith harried Mr Norman Lamont for his claim that ‘ unemployment is a price worth paying ’ , but Mr Smith 's actual policy showed that he believed this too .
6 All through the twenties the gangs became increasingly violent and there were constant running battles between the South Side Stickers and the San Toi .
7 All through the African campaign I longed to hear from you , and found it hard at times to keep a stiff upper lip without your help .
8 All through the American Civil War Thomas Cook watched the great North American continent , which was then virgin territory untrampled by the feet of British tourists , with a covetous eye .
9 All through the 1960s the package holiday market had grown and by the early 1970s they accounted for nearly half of all overseas travel .
10 All through the long , twisting lanes the route was marked by twigs — twigs from the witch 's broom — which led to Threlkeld and only ceased when they came to the church with a steeple crowned by a gilded weathercock .
11 All through the pages of Ramakrishna 's biography appears his gentle humour which often acted as a prelude to his flights of ecstasy .
12 All through the rest of the autumn the raids continued .
13 All through the week they gathered waiting for someone to pop his or her head round the entrance and shout that there was an audition , and they were off like a shot , their audition clothes naturally packed in a case by their table .
14 All through the winter the nightmare went on , through the worst of the weather — icing , snow , poor visibility .
15 The facts of Darwinism are capable of scientific verification , whereas the beliefs of religion are based on ancient writings , which , all through the centuries of civilised time have been contentious .
16 The crusade was more than the great pilgrimage launched by Pope Urban in 1095 ; it was part of a larger movement , the expansion of Europe , against Islam and paganism in Spain , all through the Mediterranean , in Syria and the Holy Land , and in the Slavonic countries bordering on East Germany .
17 All through the bad years , the hungry twenties and thirties , it was he who substantially augmented father 's small wages .
18 All through the afternoon they sat and drank and talked about the trip .
19 All through the night he lay awake , twisting and writhing , and moaning in low desperate tones .
20 All through the night it continued , and all through the night thunder boomed and lightning ripped across the sky in jagged white flashes .
21 Some had gone back to their villages ; some to the pottery ; some to begin the maintenance tasks that would take place , at the yard or by the hearth , all through the winter .
22 All through the 1960s to the present there have been numerous minor changes of staff but the net result has been a gradual increase in numbers of the field staff to meet the ever growing commitments .
23 All through The Graduate Nichols thought he 'd made a mistake in casting me .
24 All through the night she thought about the problem .
25 All through the film Sean Walsh had put his thin bony arm around her shoulder or on her knee and even on one particularly unpleasant occasion managed to get his hand sort of around her back , under her arm and around her breast .
26 All through the summer he ran about in the meadow , chasing the shadows .
27 All through the war , the Windmill kept open .
28 The lighting engineer boosts his £15,000 basic pay with bonuses for being on call at Newcastle upon Tyne all through the night .
29 All through the morning , as they sat on the makeshift bunks , they stared without comment at the kneeling figure who ground away at the rust around the bolt .
30 All through the '70s I 'd wanted to be in a rock band and I ended up doing it and it was nothing like as exciting as I 'd imagined it from reading and listening to records .
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