Example sentences of "am to be " in BNC.

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1 I am to be Bishop of Durham . ’
2 If I am to be punished unfairly , could we return to the subject of volunteering for the Parachute School ? ’
3 ‘ I am to be questioned and interfered with and hounded , not to be left , doing a job of work the way I choose , a necessary job , a job our sister has made tediously inevitable , a job the result of which may save us from potential disgrace , even if we can not go so far as to expect it to improve our situation out of all recognition .
4 I am to be given no privacy . ’
5 In this society it follows that real talent goes unrewarded and unflinching purity of soul is automatically derided — on both these counts I am to be numbered among the punished , especially in regard to material goods and services , financial security , the trust and love of friendship , and the divinely counselled companionship of wife and family .
6 He asked for them to be clearly marked , packed in damp moss and sent to Lord Cornbury 's by Oxford Chapel , ‘ where I am to be around generally any morning before ten if you ever have time to call ’ .
7 ‘ So I am to be punished , after all ! ’
8 I am to be legitimated , and made heir to Duart . ’
9 I am to be dominated by the truth because I have been made a Christian by the operation of the Holy Spirit within .
10 After take-off Beaton surveyed his surroundings : ‘ Silk-lined walls , arm chairs like Pullmans , various compartments for eating , sleeping , smoking — this is the aircraft that took Churchill to America … how grateful I am to be among the lucky ones on the last lap for home . ’
11 ‘ If I am to be disappointed , I should like to get it over . ’
12 Therefore , much as I may myself enjoy theatre-going and much as I may cheer when I see a full theatre , I must contain my own enthusiasm if I am to be a cool observer .
13 Planning over an 11-year period could , I believe , bring about a veritable revolution , especially if the whole curriculum ( both subjects and cross-curricular themes ) can be welded together , but I want to see some rapid practical progress if I am to be reassured .
14 And how lucky I am to be living in Badminton , a beautiful Cotswold village , on the edge of a park in the middle of a great landed estate , with all the amenities provided at my landlord 's expense and responsibility .
15 If I am to be autonomous , God must go .
16 February 23 — I am to be made flight lieutenant and given command of ‘ B ’ flight .
17 ‘ Methinks I am to be your chaperon — which means , I suppose , that I am to see that you conduct yourself properly and are accompanied suitably whenever you leave these apartments .
18 Let me say immediately how glad I am to be here , looking forward with hope and enthusiasm to the task that lies ahead , working alongside many others in the building up of God 's kingdom within the diocese of Middlesbrough .
19 The initial response of Bishop Crowley immediately after his appointment was ‘ Let me say immediately how glad I am to be here ’ .
20 During the time I spent at home I seem to have eaten nothing but apples and , if I am to be believed , an inordinate number of them .
21 I am to be the new Archdeacon here . ’
22 Now , it seems , I am to be out of pocket … ’
23 ‘ I take it I am to be investigated ?
24 I am to be married .
25 It goes almost without saying how pleased I am to be here today .
26 BELVILLE : So I am to be exposed in my house by such a sauce-box as you .
27 BELVILLE : [ furious ] And is it thus in my fond conceding moments that I am to be answered and despised ?
28 ’ — And if I am to be a great Kha-Khan , I ought to be able to recognise when I am being told the truth . ’
29 ‘ I am to be your server , ’ she said .
30 ‘ I am to be cut out of this cosy little reunion ?
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