Example sentences of "all over the " in BNC.

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1 Amnesty sections all over the world include the Prisoner Letter Writing Campaign cases in the magazines and newssheets they publish in many other languages , from Faroe to Banlga .
2 Our task today is to increase the international pressure on behalf of the thousands of prisoners of conscience all over the world , to make tomorrow the day their freedom is restored .
3 Nowadays , people all over the world unequivocally reject the idea of gulags , yet they are still willing to let themselves be hypnotised by totalitarian poesy and to march to new gulags to the tune of the same lyrical song piped by Eluard when he soared over Prague like the great archangel of the lyre , while the smoke of Kalandra 's body rose to the sky from the crematory chimney .
4 Paint all over their clothes , all over the studio , external mark of intrinsic worth .
5 At home though he can plug himself in to other computers all over the world .
6 As a water-testing exercise these courses were successful , attracting ‘ students ’ from all over the country and even one from Saudi Arabia .
7 He has asked questions all over the village , but none of the answers have solved this dreadful crime .
8 Over the last year thousands of films have been produced all over the world .
9 Each letter published will win its writer a £10 National Garden Gift Token , exchangeable at 1,500 garden centres , nurseries and shops all over the UK and any Interflora shop .
10 The dreaded gardeners ' garters , of Phalaris arundinacea ‘ Picta ’ manages to creep all over the place but is far too lovely a plant to write off just for that reason .
11 In many training organisations all over the world , student pilots get no training at all with this kind of problem .
12 It is still probably one of the main causes of fatal gliding accidents all over the world .
13 There are NHS family planning clinics all over the country .
14 There are NHS family planning clinics all over the country .
15 Then people rolling around all over the place .
16 When I go on holiday he slaughters a whole nestful of starlings to celebrate my return , spreads embryos and eggs all over the carpet , across the sofa and under the bed .
17 We maximise sponsor benefits in all media so that they can get their name all over the country .
18 Much of the syllabus has become part of the training of dancers all over the world .
19 Despite the fact that spiders are all over the place in Dostoevsky , not just in Svidrigailov 's dirty bathhouse vision of Eternity , and that urban potted plants go back to the beginning in Poor People , we are here firmly inside Crime and Punishment in its abandoned first-person narrative form ( ‘ I am on trial and will tell all ’ ) : Petersburg evenings and their hanging summer light , noises from below , happy workmen , blessed ‘ living life ’ elsewhere , a lonely man in pain passing through gates , over thresholds , slipping up and down staircases , the buzzing By of Raskolnikov 's dream and his awakening , intense time-consciousness alternating with time-oblivion .
20 All over the place , not only at the fête , a psychic infection rages and erupts in small ugly-comic jests — ‘ They put a dead cat in my trunk ’ — but also in affronts to the human self as massive and immemorial as those Homer describes .
21 Again , one looks back to the nineteenthcentury origins of English literary studies , when the first pioneers and missionaries , men such as Morley and Furnivall , travelled all over the country to talk about English literature in adult education classes and working men 's clubs .
22 The unusually confrontational rhetoric suggests that Mao was perhaps less than correct when , 40 years ago yesterday , he announced to Tiananmen : ‘ The Chinese people have stood up … we have friends all over the world . ’
23 We got two Grieg classics — Spring and I Love You — and then the Prokofiev , a delight with its roaming tonalities , its incisive sketches and its shafts of psychological insight ( like the thrilling high speeded-up waltz , with music-box runs all over the place , that played in the duckling 's mind as he looked at his reflection and found he was a swan ) .
24 Himself , he was a railwayman who travelled all over the country , campaigned in more than 20 constituencies and was elected a Labour councillor in three towns .
25 ‘ When it was all over the papers I feared that when I went shopping people would abuse me , spit at me .
26 Reform circles were springing up all over the country , calling for Mr Grosz 's dismissal .
27 It is generally agreed that he has mishandled the students , who have been threatened , bullied , fired on with tear-gas grenades ; and now the university is closed which means that these cynical and angry students are all over the country spreading disillusion .
28 East Germany 's workers ' militias , which have 400,000 members , are standing by all over the country to help to clamp down in case of trouble .
29 Of course , the well-groomed head of modern Bruges pops up all over the place to remind you that this is not really a medieval theme park at all .
30 The family name , Beurze , explains the origins of the name for similar operations all over the Continent .
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