Example sentences of "days ' [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 After five days ' walking they were obviously all fit and experienced .
2 ferry timetables forced a quick visit , but it allowed two good days ' walking .
3 Backpackers must make adjustments — quite easy to do with a few days ' walking under your belt , not so simple when your planning trips in your living room .
4 After three days ' disappearance following the sheep-eating incident , the eagle was seen again for certain on a telegraph pole outside the village of Lutterworth near Leicester by a passing motorist , Mrs Gillian Cook .
5 More to the point , the affair earned Owen a few days ' breathing space .
6 In January 1922 the Smolensk party committee estimated that there was only enough fuel of all kinds left for seven to eight days ' consumption .
7 Shop stewards have recommended accepting the offer of just under 9 per cent — worth £10 a week to most bakers — two extra days ' holiday by April 1991 to make five weeks a year , and other benefits , including better sick pay .
8 ‘ I think everyone is probably making far too much fuss , and Angela has just taken off for a few days ' holiday . ’
9 But the question we must ask is why so many British workers are getting a two-week break when other European workers are making do with just three days ' holiday .
10 But they do want their time off : even though 58% of accountants are entitled to over 25 days ' holiday , the majority still felt they deserved more .
11 Sometimes , of course , it can work the other way round ; I recall a woman , going through a difficult time with her husband , returning after a few days ' holiday to find that he had swept and cleaned the house from top to bottom .
12 Salaries , dependent on qualifications and experience , are supported by excellent large-company benefits including profit sharing and sharesaver schemes , 27 days ' holiday , pension and generous relocation assistance where appropriate .
13 Foxfield Railway stalwart Steve Turner 's ex-NCB Hunslet Saddle Tank ‘ Whiston ’ was invited to spend three working days ' holiday at British Coal 's Littleton Colliery near Cannock , Staffs by its enthusiastic Manager , Mr Robin Dean .
14 The most popular announcement — from the boys ' point of view at least — was that of an extra two days ' holiday to mark the Anniversary .
15 Actually , I missed some good ones in the couple of days ' holiday I took ; if I 'd just bothered to look at a single fucking news-stand after I left Stromeferry I 'd have seen this story starting to break about this guy — ‘ The Red panther ’ the tabloids decided on eventually — murdering these right-leaning pillars of the community .
16 She 'd been spending a few days ' holiday in Sicily , with her friends Penny and Devlin .
17 In addition however the number of days ' holiday allowed of at weekends would be limited as follows : =
18 Kindly have ten days ' holiday money sent on . ’
19 With perfect bad timing Inge , the au pair , had left that very morning on a few days ' holiday , and tomorrow was Nettie the housekeeper 's day off .
20 It was a great relief when she arrived at Lomond View to discover that the only person there was Inge , looking rosy-cheeked and happy after her few days ' holiday .
21 No he 's got three days ' holiday .
22 I can , I might have two holidays now , two days ' holiday .
23 All these two days ' holiday and this , you 've had Christmas .
24 Yeah well two days ' holiday so
25 Lorraine Allard had only had four days ' warning before leaving from Berlin :
26 Outdoor centre staff given eight days ' warning on jobs
27 THE ROW over the closure of Strathclyde outdoor centres worsened yesterday when an education official admitted that teachers at one centre had been given only eight days ' warning that they faced losing their posts .
28 Thus each days ' dosage remains homœopathic to the case as the slight increase in the health of the vital force is matched with the slight increase in potency caused by the five or six shakes of the bottle .
29 His military career ended with a sentence of twenty-eight days ' detention for absence without leave .
30 One of the best examples of a reasonably-priced winter weekend is a two-night stay at the three-star Le Bristol Hotel in Le Touquet , near Boulogne , with three days ' golf at the celebrated courses of Le Touquet , Hardelot and Wimereux , plus return cross-Channel Seacat travel with your own car , all for an incredible £145 a person .
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