Example sentences of "days [unc] time " in BNC.

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1 My blue period officially ends when we have a big leaving party for Kathleen and Katrina in a couple of days ' time but in fact it probably ends just about now .
2 The poem would arrive in two days ' time .
3 Our plan was to meet there in a few days ' time , once our researches in New York were concluded .
4 The European champions , who host the first leg in 11 days ' time , have lost Ruud Gullit and Marco Van Basten and are struggling for form .
5 At five o'clock we wandered back ; after all , it might get dark in fifteen days ' time .
6 Emergency party congress in nine days ' time .
7 In two days ' time ( 7th May ) , it would be the forty-fifth anniversary of the final German surrender in the Second World War though the cease-fire was not to take effect until midnight on 8th May .
8 Airdrie 0 Hearts 0 AFTER one of the least memorable Scottish Cup semi-finals on record , Airdrie and Hearts played out a soulless , goalless draw and must meet again in 10 days ' time to decide who will challenge Rangers on May 9 .
9 If you push yourself to your absolute limits and suffer terribly , the chances that you will be able to motivate yourself to suffer equally in two or three days ' time are practically zilch .
10 New Zealand won a place in the challengers ' final against Il Moro di Venezia in 10 days ' time by defeating France 's Ville de Paris in the penultimate semi-final race .
11 It is already apparent to us that she has no emotional link with the child ; she is indeed now only anxious to return to her own work , which she will do in about ten days ' time . ’
12 In a few days ' time the President of the Society for the Protection of the Selva Sur , David Ricalde , would tell me , ‘ Some of these naturalists , it 's not their fault but they do n't know their stuff .
13 In a few days ' time , perhaps sooner , he would die quietly of pneumonia , peacefully suffocating as the bloodstream slowed and the deprived lungs surrendered their function .
14 Stonehouse 's bill was due for a second reading in three days ' time .
15 Take a single dose of Sulphur 30 but expect the thrush to get worse in three or four days ' time before it will get better .
16 The therapist agreed to see Pamela as in outpatient in 5 days ' time to provide her with a further chance to talk about her difficulties and also to provide her with support .
17 Word came back in two days ' time that Sigarup was getting better .
18 Just three days before the workshop , he spoke to a virtual stranger about his firm intention to be in Hawaii in three days ' time , saying he had no idea how it would be made possible .
19 ‘ Your birthday 's in five days ' time . ’
20 It was a polite invitation to a morning party at the minister 's house in Bath Street , to take place on a Saturday , in about ten days ' time .
21 For himself , he would take Sir Alexander Ramsay with him , since he knew the Borderland intimately , and hoped to rejoin the main army in three or four days ' time , God willing with Balliol either prisoner or dead .
22 In two days ' time we reached Pakoku where many of the Anglo-Burmans begged me to disembark and try to walk out of Burma with them , but Rachel was still very sick and I said I would go on to Mandalay and hope to find a doctor there .
23 She knew that in a couple of days ' time Boyd 's promotion would be announced by his company in the newspaper , underneath a studio portrait of him , and she held her head high as she swayed gracefully into the living-room .
24 The girls arrived at the Gare du Nord , as we will do , and then , as we will in a few days ' time , they made for the Gare de L'Est and the journey into central Europe .
25 Gentle begged him to be a little more lenient , to which Klein said he 'd call Gentle 's studio in two days ' time , and if he received no answer would assume their deal was no longer valid .
26 This would on past experience coax the crocuses out in Hyde Park , only to be spiked by frost in a few days ' time .
27 However we agreed to visit Cedars together in a few days ' time .
28 Well , we had a talk and she invited me to come back in a few days ' time .
29 And in two or three days ' time
30 He might then say to himself , as indeed I did , ‘ Well , this is power to give directions with a view to a hearing in seven days ' time , at which hearing there will be a determination of a particular question which has arisen between the parties . ’
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