Example sentences of "we just happened " in BNC.

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1 On our first night in France , exhausted after a ferry crossing , we just happened to fetch up in this little village on the Loire , in a hotel on the second floor of a hotel where , indeed , we opened the shutters — and we were looking at the west end of the Romanesque Abbey of St Benoit sur Loire , which is a most striking church where the remains of the saint are interred in a little casket in the crypt .
2 We were able to help him … we can see their house from our bedroom and we just happened to be looking out of the window at the time , do n't you know . ’
3 I said I did n't know the other guys , we just happened to be in the same pub .
4 We just happened to be in the pool at the same time , that 's all . ’
5 This friend of ours who lost his wife last year , well we 've got another friend who was very fond of her she also smokes we just happened to me we did n't say
6 say to th this chap you know but we just happened to mention in passing to Jeanette and she really jumped and said oh Pat did n't smoke a lot .
7 And we just happened to see it as were was coming back from Thurmaston we popped in and sa granddad got a
8 oh we just happened to be down town
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