Example sentences of "[being] [vb pp] at any [adj] " in BNC.

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1 The work areas required in main storage are relatively small as only one record is being examined at any one time .
2 Control can be difficult if there is a range of different tasks being undertaken at any one moment .
3 However , the market is not very active , with typically only 0.2% of outstanding bonds being lent at any one time .
4 This is because the echo being detected at any given moment will be a reflection of an earlier part of the chirp , and will therefore have a different pitch .
5 When the manager faces in four directions — fellow-staff , parents , governors and local authority — the first need is to remember which type of management is being exercised at any one moment .
6 The device has the advantage that people can read normally , while extremely fine details of the text being touched at any one moment are being filmed .
7 It is a fact that whatever actions are being taken at any one time , the individuals concerned are rarely , if ever , aware of the effect they may be having on events and the conditions of life in the remote future .
8 The conduct struck at by the section may cause misery without being aimed at any particular victim .
9 If this is the case , then it suggests that an important aspect of skilled reading is to avoid attending too closely to what is being fixated at any one moment , and to allow our eyes to be attracted to nearby interesting meanings .
10 It will frequently be necessary for it to know whether the employee was being advised at any material time and , if so , by whom ; of the extent of the advisers ' knowledge of the facts of the employee 's case ; and of the nature of any advice which they may have given to him .
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