Example sentences of "[been] [vb pp] [prep] [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The problem of lack of time has been eased to some degree by the setting up of communal kitchens like those in Lima , Peru .
2 Pressure on the finances has been eased by Euro Disney 's deferring its base management fee for 1992 and 1993 , due to the Walt Disney Company in America .
3 The struggle for Cyprus had been eased by British acceptance of the Sovereign Base concept , though the Zurich Agreement between Greece and Turkey , which enabled Britain to grant Cyprus its independence , was not signed until February 1959 .
4 They thought it normal for tea to come out of the fridge or the oven in a tinfoil box with a peel-back lid , although they did remember for weeks afterwards Lucy 's occasional cordon-bleu phases , when the house had been filled with heart-warming smells , and different kinds of food had appeared out of saucepans on top of the oven , and other dishes inside it .
5 The triangular market place was tightly packed with such properties and much of the original space had been filled with permanent buildings where once only stalls had been allowed .
6 More than 70 per cent of adult Albanians have been dismissed on ethnic grounds from jobs as various as toilet cleaners , museum curators and power plant directors .
7 And the pressures are probably much greater within the public sector , if only because of the difficulty of obtaining further employment in the public sector if one has been dismissed for disciplinary reasons .
8 Gen. V. Dovgan , a senior military-industrial administrator , had been dismissed and stripped of his rank after it had been revealed that he informally approved the sale of the tanks to ANT , and Deputy Aviation Industry Minister Anatoly Bratukhin had been dismissed for gross violation of arms export regulations .
9 Ernst Verdieu , the Minister of Social Affairs , and Smark Michel , the Trade and Industry Minister were dismissed on June 14 and replaced respectively by Myrtho Céleston and Jean François Chamblain ; the Justice Minister , Bayard Vincent , had been dismissed in late May and replaced by Karl Auguste .
10 On these occasions those temporary workers recruited were ex-employees — those who had been dismissed in recent downturns and who had been unable to find a new job .
11 Even the work of scribes writing centuries after the Conquest has been dismissed in this way , seemingly mainly because it is variable , and not because we can ( usually ) know whether the scribe was a first-language speaker of Anglo-Norman , or whether it would have been relevant if he had been .
12 In the 1980s , Rothenberg explored the human form , which had been dismissed by early minimalists as having no new means of expression .
13 Wirral Tory claims that the situation is a result of Labour councillors backing a ‘ ca n't pay , wont pay ’ campaign have been dismissed by Labour leader Coun Dave Jackson .
14 Gavin , since been dismissed by local government union Nalgo , was a full-time union official representing thousands of council employees .
15 The KPNLF , which has about 7,000 men , had until recently been dismissed by military analysts as a badly organised force more interested in black-market activities across the Thai-Cambodia border than military operations .
16 And though the protracted battles between Congress and the Bush administration which have been waged in recent years are unlikely , Clinton 's proposals could be changed significantly by Congress prior to enactment .
17 The ECM being essentially free and unregulated is governed by the principles of competition while most domestic money markets have been riddled with monopolistic elements and restrictive practices , e.g. credit ( loan ) allocation rules , which sought to secure a privileged position for certain vested parties such as government borrowers and domestic banks .
18 The Youth Training Scheme has , from its inception , been riddled with racist practices .
19 Although Summers presents government and law enforcement in America as having been riddled with clandestine behaviour , from the amount of material he gathered he would seen to have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Freedom of Information Act .
20 In the sample design programme , the effect on sampling errors of clustering the sample — usually in wards or polling districts — has been examined for different types of questions and for different population subgroups .
21 Some vertical agreements , such as exclusive distribution and exclusive purchasing , have been examined under this framework .
22 She sat back , visualising the scene as the mud in the sample had been examined by remote control , and the virus isolated .
23 Many cultural historians have too readily appropriated literary writing as cultural documents , subduing the problems about what language actually represents which have been examined by other forms of theoretical inquiry , notably deconstruction .
24 The entire Barnes collection has been examined by National Gallery conservators , and the National Gallery has agreed to arrange for the tour 's transportation and insurance .
25 The enemy 's base , a disused farmhouse , has been examined in great detail by an earlier reconnaissance patrol and everyone knows , in theory at least , how to reach it and What to do on arrival .
26 Although parts of this tradition have been examined in great detail , some of the most important aspects of it for this theme have received little attention .
27 Special circumstances are required to justify the er proposing the new settlement through the local plan structure planning process , and I believe that is exactly what has occurred over the last five years , and if I could just quickly run through paragraph thirty three of P P G three , and the your invitation for us to comment on the criteria set out there , first of all the first element , the ex the alternative must be erm seen to be a less satisfactory method of providing land for the new housing that is needed , that is the essence of what has occurred in the process which the County Council has undertaken over the last couple of years , all of the policy options available have been examined in great detail , have been subject to public consultation , public participation , d I believe clear view was that there were erm constraints operating on York which meant that not all of that additional development accommodated in the adjacent to the existing er York city villages surrounding York .
28 Magritte 's career has not been examined in such detail in Britain since Sylvester curated a smaller and more exclusive exhibition for the Tate Gallery in 1969 .
29 The role of these polymorphisms in a predisposition to alcoholic liver disease has now been examined in two studies .
30 This hypothesis has been examined in several studies looking at the PiZ phenotype and periportal α 1 AT granules in patients and controls , and no evidence to support involvement of α 1 AT in genetic predisposition has been found .
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