Example sentences of "[been] [adv] for [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 looks nice , no burnt or anything , and I says ee it 's lovely is it , I said alright , would been down for this morning like and I says ooh come on then do n't bother when you get home starting making anything I says just say , let's ask for steak pies , so I says er can we have er two steak and kidney pies please ? , she said I 'm sorry we do n't , there is n't any kidney an all , I 'm glad there is n't I did n't want , well I 'd of eaten 'em like but I 'd rather have them without
2 Wiping them might have been enough for most people — but not for somebody who was trying to do card tricks . ’
3 Or if members of a group are not familiar with each other , no mutual aid may occur until they have been together for some time .
4 The couple live apart and although they have been together for some time , you sense Clint 's fingers have been burned by his previous bad experiences .
5 A landmark on the Waxholme/Withernsea road is the old Black Mill , and has been so for many generations .
6 It is made from M. spicata , but there are many other mints with various distinct aromas and flavours — garden mint is the most commonly used and has been so for many centuries .
7 Once you are fully better , and have been so for some time , you can risk the occasional slice of white bread or a sliver of cake .
8 On 30 June Colonel Wilkinson was at his desk catching up on policy matters after having been away for several days visiting units in the Liverpool area and attending an Army Catering Corps Promotion Selection Board held at Exeter .
9 He had been away for some hours .
10 She , it turned out , was away , and had been away for some weeks , touring the clubs in the North .
11 Val Pinder who has been away for some months due to illness achieves a fantastic level of sales and came in fourth .
12 His section has been over for some time . ’
13 Only when Guy had been still for several minutes did she cross to the bench and set the pail down .
14 The lights have been off for several months , bringing a protest from the RAFA .
15 Official signs for a cycle path connecting Baird Road , Ratho Station , to the minor road from Ratho to Newbridge have been up for some time .
16 The building was not built in ninety one , whether there 's any relevance or not , where they 're trying to prove that the building has been up for some time , they 'd say , it 's not , that building was put up this year .
17 So we 've been up for some time cos the arms are wet where he 'd been sucking it !
18 Normally , she would have been up for several hours and written a couple of thousand words .
19 The ‘ Great Debate ’ about education had been underway for some time and though it was clear that the curriculum was in need of change , it was less clear how much change should take place at Hinde House , bearing in mind the need for teachers to have ownership of curriculum delivery if higher standards and a wide range of learning experiences were to permeate the whole curriculum rather than making a series of peripheral and ephemeral alterations to an already redundant approach .
20 I had been out for many hours that day and had covered many miles of jungle with unflagging caution , but without one moment , s unease , and then , on cresting the ridge , and coming in sight of the rocks , I knew they held danger for me , and this knowledge was confirmed a few minutes later by the kakar 's warning call to the jungle folk , and by my finding the man-eater 's pug marks superimposed on my footprints .
21 He 's been out for some time .
22 They had n't been out for any days since Adam had been at home .
23 You know a lot of the erm shops that have been here for many years
24 ‘ I would think it 's been here for several days , sir .
25 I 've been here for some time .
26 ‘ He has n't been here for some time , ’ Hari answered .
27 There can be reasons why people make a claim for asylum after they have been here for some time and we consider all cases properly .
28 There may be occasions when it is quite right or entirely understandable that an asylum applicant did not make his claim until he had been here for some time .
29 Forty eight and and presumably many of the people who are perhaps seventy drawing pensions , they may not have even paid in thirty years themselves , I mean they may be many of them may not have been around for that period of time .
30 How this name originated I have no idea , but I do know that it has been around for many generations for a jingle about this name has come down from the 19th century and it went : " Old Cribb , Young Cribb and Young Cribbs Son , if it had n't a been for Old Cribb there would n't have been none " .
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