Example sentences of "i give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 you know , and I give everyone that
2 If you wish to comment on the paper , I give everyone the opportunity , and believe you me , I 'm being as very , as fair as I can .
3 Mind , when I give 'im the wallet and 'e looked inside it , 'e was a mite more pleasant , even if I could n't see nothing but 'is mince pies and 'is 'ooter .
4 I give nothing away .
5 As a member of the Select Committee on Sittings of the House , I give nothing away — because it has been said in public session — when I say that consideration must be given to the views of the Lord President and the shadow Leader of the House about the timetabling of legislation , following some of the thinking on the subject of the Select Committee on Procedure .
6 ‘ Thank you , William , ’ Marie says to me when I give her the tea , and I say ‘ Is there anything else , your Highness ? ’ like we 're king and queen or summat .
7 I give her a clap and turn round .
8 I give her the letters and ask her which one 's for me , and she looks through them quick .
9 I do n't , cos it ai n't polite with strangers , but I give her a real nice smile instead .
10 I give her one and they stay watching me — which I gather , in the absence of any attempt at conversation , is the point of their visit — as I write .
11 I give her all my money .
12 " I give her a prick with a needle .
13 ‘ I like a woman who can keep to the time I give her , ’ Roman said as she came into their sitting-room .
14 I give her the chance to redeem herself .
15 I give her a clump , you know .
16 So I give her the colour of the , what what sort of colours ?
17 Anyway I give her a shout and she said ooh she said .
18 But I give her erm
19 I give her Littlewoods instead of Peter Craigs did n't I .
20 No Alma 's been erm keeping some money for me and I , she , I give her so much a week and she give it all today .
21 I give her two quid .
22 So I give her thirteen .
23 I do n't want you to think well I give her more than that .
24 When she touch she like it but I when I give her
25 said down the corridor he walked in his full uniform , the first morning say and that memory son will always stick ya , cos when I give her over that picture of the twins at Christmas , she , she looked up , she sort of looked up at me , she said I 've got tears in my eyes have n't I , and I looked and like I was choked as well and I , she sort of , I said yeah you are and she said , every time I look at them it brings back those memories the first memories of this little boy
26 Look Charlotte ca n't do anything without being messy , look , the other , the other erm morning I went to school to pick Ben up , er and I put her in the car seat , she 's lovely and clean , and I give her a biscuit , by the time we got
27 So I went and I give her that
28 I give her well over three hundred pounds
29 No she bought a second lo a second twenty lot of twenty and I give her the first lot back probably .
30 Hear me , O Manito , I give thee to smoke .
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