Example sentences of "i gave you " in BNC.

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1 Your hands are playing with the glass I gave you .
2 I gave you a false name .
3 I gave you yesterday the analogy of the home , and now we can imagine Mary bustling about the home with water for washing , for cooking and for cleaning .
4 So the rabbi ran after the man and said : ‘ I have just found out that the jewel I gave you is more precious than I thought — do n't sell it for too little . ’
5 ‘ The one I gave you for Christmas ? ’
6 ‘ The map I gave you the last time . ’
7 ‘ Yes , but what about the gravy I gave you ? ’
8 I gave you a riding lesson , did n't I ?
9 When I think of the abuse I gave you … ‘
10 I gave you my real baptismal name , which is Bridget . ’
11 ‘ Remember the lecture I gave you in the train .
12 You would come darkly near and let me feed on your open mouth , while with a generosity that was ready to offer you everything , my heart , my throat , my entrails , I gave you to hold in your awkward fist the sceptre of my passion . ’
13 You left the house so full of the confidence I gave you .
14 Last month I gave you some homework .
15 Start by playing these combinations with one note then apply some of the melodic permutations I gave you in part 1 of this series .
16 I gave you your life , not me .
17 ‘ Papa said he would beat me if I gave you any more tickets .
18 I gave you guidelines , and that 's all .
19 I gave you all I had my dear .
20 ‘ No , I gave you back some tearducts when I inserted the new model .
21 ‘ I 'm sorry I gave you such a rotten tea . ’
22 I 'm sorry if I gave you a fright .
23 I gave you what you wanted , ’ Pie said .
24 It 's not as if I gave you much choice .
25 The message I gave you ? ’
26 So , I gave you two examples and I said that it was often
27 ‘ That was straight talk I gave you that time , shamus .
28 I gave you the vases as a present for your room , and you are perfectly at liberty to dispose of them as and when you see fit .
29 We need to have some idea what the cells are picking up from , and where they are sending information to , in order to apply those two principles I gave you earlier , the selective trigger feature , and the selective projective zone .
30 I was utterly baffled , but I gave you the benefit of every doubt , which by this time added up to a couple of thousand .
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