Example sentences of "i gave [pron] " in BNC.

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1 I was once or twice approached by stony-faced nuns begging for charities , but I gave nothing because I felt sure that some of those nuns were fakes , possibly men in drag , for their big , dark , hollow eyes , dyspeptic noses bright red in chalk-white faces , compressed , colourless lips and faint moustaches were hardly the signs of religious penance , and they were all wearing rather large boots .
2 I gave them a three-hour lecture on the basic principles of stochastics , he said .
3 I gave them money , full of pride that I was richer than at least one English person , even if he was a beggar .
4 They took me to West End Central and , instead of telling them what had really happened , I gave them a story .
5 So I gave them up , gave them all up .
6 There were a lot of young drunks staggering about , too — most at that noisy and unattractive stage where they might want to be your pal or pick a fight or just throw up on you , so I gave them a wide berth .
7 Of course , I gave them the warmest spot in the garden , against my only south-facing wall .
8 I gave them their orders and they wanted to stay and discuss them . ’
9 I gave them to him .
10 I gave them a sense of pride .
11 If someone said , ‘ just taking £5 off you , ’ and said they ‘ knew me son ’ and all that rigmarole and ‘ so I gave them £5 ’ , then your knowledge of the law came out immediately .
12 I went around being nice to children for a while , being a sort of modern Pied Piper , but I learnt that they 're a manipulative lot and crazy for money , literally crazy for it , so I gave them the elbow .
13 I gave them our greetings from Q.P. and they gave me theirs to return to you .
14 I was scared of them but I was n't going to let them get away so I gave them a good run for their money .
15 I 've always had an ear for accents , and I gave them my best German and Italian and my speciality : French with a hint of Punjabi .
16 I said to them it was placing the team and the ARFU in a terrible situation and I gave them a 5.30 pm deadline otherwise the tour was off .
17 I gave them their full due , repeating all that my sister-in-law had said , and told them that I would hear from my brother himself that evening , then paid for my groceries and made my escape .
18 I think if a museum gets to be talked about ‘ Oh , well , they 've sold this and they 've sold that ’ I for one would want to make very sure that whatever I gave them could n't be sold .
19 I mean , after all the shit I gave them they 've really stood by me and me girlfriend as well .
20 I gave them a three-minute start then Bogartishly gunned my heap .
21 I gave them the address where he was living .
22 I gave them false names , they checked my fingerprints and found out who I was .
23 I gave them a bogus address but they did n't check it out .
24 Well , in my book nothing comes before football and so I gave them a simple ultimatum : ‘ Make your choice .
25 I gave them the meat of the dead animal , and they gave us more food and water .
26 in town , and I gave them me name and me address , and then they sent a letter saying , No , you ca n't have one .
27 Not wanting to offend , I gave them a try and ended up almost throwing the box away , but instead I put them aside in a small corner of my studio .
28 I gave them a cup of Ruski čaj [ Russian tea ] , and that made them very , very happy , ’
29 At Oxford I discovered that most people were only too willing to be friendly if I gave them a chance .
30 When Victor and I gave them the slip at Victoria station they knew we were onto them .
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