Example sentences of "[Wh pn] have [vb pp] [adv prt] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 I 've got one friend who has written down in a diary every person he 's ever re arrested , I do n't do that , I just , I , I ca n't be bothered to write it all down .
2 He takes over from Alloa-based Derek Allison who has moved on to be British national coach .
3 Nigel , 27 , succeeds Colin Auton who has moved on after seven years at the hotel .
4 Receptionist who has moved back to Newcastle following her husband 's transfer from the computer centre to in Durham .
5 Anyone who has visited a newspaper office in the last five years with expectations from cinematic memories of Citizen Kane or who has struggled back from the newsagent on a Sunday morning with a sample of what is laughably offered as a ‘ leisurely read ’ will know that much has changed .
6 But first priority for the pool fraternity is to elect a new men 's team manager to replace Trevor Harte who has stepped up to Association chairman .
7 The top seed , who has missed out on just one final in 30 tournaments over the last two years , looked set for a shock defeat at 3–6 , 0–3 down midway through the second set .
8 The medal , presented by the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace , is awarded each year to a holder of a City & Guilds qualification who has gone on to a senior management position in their chosen field .
9 And so Ruth , the one who has gone out as a poor glean and walking behind the reapers , hoping they would treat her kindly .
10 That is a child who has grown up with books instead of wallpaper .
11 These examples may seem to be somewhat removed from the experience of a child who has grown up in an inner-city slum .
12 Unsure of whether she does owe him an explanation , of how much of her perspective she can get across in a conversation , and unwilling to let go of the London Kate who has broken through to the surface , she is ashamed of her suspicions of his reasons for asking her back to his place and agrees .
13 Mrs Knelle gave a shudder , and in that moment she reminded me of a Karen Blixen figure in Kenya , who has stayed on after Mau Mau to make the best of life in a new Republic .
14 The former England winger said : ‘ As someone who has spouted on over the years about contracts , I am not about to walk out on my one with Crystal Palace .
15 He said : ‘ As someone who has spouted on over the years about contracts , I am not about to walk out on my one with Crystal Palace . ’
16 It certainly was a disgusting display from a man who has bowed out from the game very publicly .
17 ‘ And so on — sympathetically , yet also with the indefinable remoteness of a woman speaking to someone , once close , who has faded out of her life .
18 That is the view of Northern Ireland Economy Minister Robert Atkins who has spoken out for the first time about Mrs Major , wife of his long time friend , the Prime Minister .
19 Who has walked out of himself
20 Of the 35,000 who have been accepted , about 26,000 are expected to be at the start and these will include one of Britain 's most famous athletes , David Bedford , who has slimmed down for his first big race since he retired 11 years ago .
21 Hamill , who has dropped back to 34th place in the Challenge Tour order of merit following his recent two-week break , had a three-under par 68 in the third round to leave him with a tournament aggregate of 210 , seven shots behind leader Frederick Larsson of Sweden .
22 On Sat 28th , for instance , you can witness the explosive talent of guitarist Jan Cyrka , who has teamed up with bass virtuoso Pascal Mulot to bring you the most lethal double-act since Smith met Wesson .
23 SALFORD scrum half Mark Dobson , who has sharpened up by training with Olympic sprinter David Grindley , has been given a free transfer .
24 ‘ It has helped to take me away from tennis when I have time to relax , ’ said Stich who has climbed back to world no 9 .
25 It is an area I do not know and the reason for choosing it came from a close friend who has put up with the knowledge of my obsession for many years now and still remains the closest of friends .
26 ‘ Juval Aviv is a very astute investigator who has come up with some very plausible explanations , ’ he said .
27 So it has proved , with that alert enthusiast Ashdown turning to the eminently qualified Anthony Lester , QC , who has come up with a rather different interpretation of events to that brought forward by the Law Officers .
28 Another new face in the pack is lock Jeremy Cruiks who has come up through the ranks , while back in action are back-row duo Mark Hampton and David Croft , who fills in for injured number 8 Roger Wilson .
29 This week our guest on Sharing Time is Erlend who is one of the survivors of the Piper Alpha disaster and is one who has come back to Orkney this last week , staying with his family here in Orkney .
30 It is significant that one of the few occasions when the author of Ancrene Wisse hints at the contemplative experience occurs in his account of the behaviour appropriate at the Mass : ( After the kiss of peace in the Mass , when the priest communicates , forget the world , be completely out of the body , and with burning love embrace your Beloved who has come down from heaven to your heart 's bower , and hold Him fast until He has granted you all that you ask . )
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