Example sentences of "[Wh pn] have [adv] [vb pp] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 The terms and conditions also address such grey areas such as what happens if the buyer has possession of a work , but has not completely paid for it when it is stolen ( the liability is the buyer 's ) , and the duty of such a buyer who has partially paid for a work , to store the work separately from his own goods , not to export it , to retain the seller 's identifying marks , and to allow the seller or his agent access to the work .
2 No , says Dusan Trancik , the Slovakian maker of seven features who has frequently got into trouble with the authorities .
3 She began weeping , a helpless , fast , hiccuping weeping , like a child who has already wept for hours .
4 Rod Stewart could liven up EastEnders , Princess Margaret ( who has already appeared in The Archers ) could add some class to Eldorado and Kenneth Branagh could make Ken Barlow feel inferior in Coronation Street .
5 ALTHOUGH India 's selectors resisted the temptation to make wholesale changes after their disastrous tour of Australia , they did bring in two young batsmen who missed the trip : Ajay Jadeja , 21 , who has been in fine form for Haryana this season , and left-hander Vinod Kambli , 20 , who has already appeared in one-day internationals and made 262 for Bombay against Saurashtra recently .
6 And it does seem to me that erm the minute you suggest to a Parish Council who has already complained about illegal encampments on roadsides and laybys that there is a good site in their patch , there is an immediate reaction , and I am thoroughly convinced that this reaction is based on a fear that is actually based on ignorance , and that we have to remember that travellers of any description — and I do n't categorise them like Peter does — travellers of any description are human beings .
7 If a further infection occurs in someone who has already suffered from scabies , the course of events may be very different .
8 ‘ I could n't get to sleep , ’ said the man who has also served in Germany , Cyprus , the Falklands and Northern Ireland .
9 There had been gossip about Bates and Suzannah , who has also written in The Guardian and Chelsea match programmes .
10 Prof Wilkie , who trained with Scottish Widows and who has also worked for Standard Life , is a partner of R Watson & Partners , the firm of consulting actuaries , and is an honorary visiting professor at Heriot-Watt University .
11 F1 You are an experienced dinghy sailor who regularly sails with novice crews and who has also spent at least six days living and sailing as crew on a small sailing cruiser .
12 The women 's world squash champion , Martine Le Moignan , and Jack Simmons , who has just retired from playing cricket for Lancashire at the age of 48 , receive the MBE .
13 Still hammering away , the Institute has the satisfaction of knowing that it has at last brought home to the Ministry of Health , within whose purview this question comes , that things are not what they ought to be , and Dr Eichholz , who has just retired from the Chief Inspectorate of Special Schools , is at its request making a special enquiry .
14 Kay Maskell who has just retired after many years as the Chairman of the Finance Sub-Committee has agreed to become one of our Vice-Presidents .
15 Suppose for example that I am a smoker who has just heard about the dangers of lung cancer .
16 He looked like a man who has just stepped into an empty lift-shaft .
17 Though no more than five feet and seven inches in height , he was strongly built , with the air of one who has just emerged from the gymnasium or the boxing booth .
18 I do not normally give way to someone who has just ambled into the Chamber , but I shall make an exception on this occasion , because I rather like the hon. Gentleman 's florid looks .
19 This seems to be the view of Lord Donaldson , that truly sagacious Master of the Rolls , who has just called for a new corps of paralegal ‘ civil justices ’ to get people like me off the hook .
20 She is not smiling like a university lecturer who has just got off the train from Oxford , but like a peasant woman who has just arrived in a hard-class compartment from Saratov .
21 He looks not like a peasant from Saratov , but a Civil Servant Grade 5 who has just got off the train from Greenwich .
22 On social policies , our record has been appalling : on that , I agree strongly with the points made by my right hon. Friend the Leader of the Opposition and by my right hon. Friend the Member for Birmingham , Small Heath ( Mr. Howell ) , who has just come into the Chamber , who strongly criticised the Government 's record on social policies .
23 I am very conscious of what I would not be putting forward but I would include Rachel Whiteread for her contribution to Documenta : I 'm watching Anya Gallachio who has just shown at the ICA , and I would include Angela Bulloch who has been understood abroad more than here .
24 Going straight from state ownership to worker ownership is unlikely to change the company 's culture or management style , believes Mr Laurie Brennan , chief executive of New Bridge Consultants , an arm of the law firm , Clifford Chance , set up to promote employee share ownership , and who has just returned from Poland .
25 That should guarantee Annadale maximum points in the 1,500 metres , as Lough , who has just returned from a training stint with the GB squad in New Mexico , clocked 3.40.2 … a personal best … at Loughborough on Wednesday night .
26 A relief worker from one of the region 's charities who has just returned from Somalia says the appalling suffering of women and children will remain etched on his mind for ever .
27 In could come David West , who has just returned from holiday , while Colin Ramirez and Gary Macartney , substitutes at the weekend , may be in the starting line-up .
28 Walker , who has just returned from a two-week fact finding mission , is now preparing a detailed report for the Latvian authorities .
29 Without question Scotland will be looking to the three happy wanderers to form the backbone of their batting , along with Jim Love and George Reifer , who has just signed for Uddingston .
30 She is not smiling like a university lecturer who has just got off the train from Oxford , but like a peasant woman who has just arrived in a hard-class compartment from Saratov .
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