Example sentences of "[Wh pn] have [adv] [vb pp] [adv prt] " in BNC.

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1 It was set up in conjunction with Swiss entrepreneur Niels Rasmussen , owner of Nercom Informatik , who has also set up Goldmine Technologies AG in Zug , Switzerland ( UX No 374 ) .
2 As before , Thomson , who has also put out calls for biographical material on other subjects , including S G Brown , signs himself a Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers , helping establish credibility with editors unaware of the fact that he started collecting original papers in 1972 .
3 The book was intended as the unpretentious account of a Devon lad who has just kept on writing and then reading the news .
4 There are others who are n't even dancing : one who has just gone over to the veranda and plunged his hand into the vat of boiling oil so he could offer a hot puri to a child in tears : another who is standing in the midst of the dancers being continually buffeted as they come and go , and hungrily eating a plateful of raw rice grains .
5 Sir Adrian Cadbury , who has just stepped down as chairman of Cadbury Schweppes , has been appointed a member of the Takeover and Mergers Panel .
6 A middle-aged building worker who arrived at the palace — his first time in such a place — after his marriage had broken up , said , " I was a little bit disgusted , they do n't treat you as if you were just unemployed , they treat you like a person who has just crawled out of the gutter . "
7 Luke 's wedding ring was on the table , close to her hand , and her eyes were wide open , like the eyes of someone who has just woken up .
8 It is typical of British tennis that Annabel Croft , who had not played a serious match for five years , should celebrate a light-hearted comeback by beating one of our brightest prospects who has just taken up the game professionally .
9 But as she did so , she thought she heard a thin , piercing sound , like the wail of a child who has just wakened up and found himself alone .
10 It is , therefore , worth bearing in mind that if you want a new tank , and have a friend who has just set up a new fish-house , you might do well to order through him/her …
11 They were all sitting there staring at me and Monsieur de Levantiére said , ‘ This is Constance , who has kindly stepped in at the last moment . ’
12 Lorcan Wyer who has since gone on to become one of the most stylish jockeys in England was associated with most of the Scott winners in those days .
13 Unfortunately , they were soon moved to different duties , but before doing so they were able to train a third person , a Sergeant , who has since carried on the work .
14 Getting this ingredient off the drawing boards and into bricks and mortar — not to mention details such as Donald Duck doorknobs — was indeed the stuff of dreams for Stern , who has always stood up for emotional content : ‘ In my view , whether you are engaged in a theme park , a hospital , or a court house , the building should elicit some excitement . ’
15 And if memory serves ( what was she called , that girl who did the PR for Windscale , Sellafield I should say , and Aldershot FC ? ) , oh yes , Daphne Grierson , who has now moved on to greater things and is image adviser to Nigel Canada ( is that correct ? ) the teenage fiddle-player .
16 Stop listening to people , such as Mr Kinnock , who has now written out to C L Ps telling them that they should be changing the way that the unions are linked to this Labour Party , not at all .
17 She turns to the visitor , who has now subsided on to a settee .
18 Hendry , who has now earned over £200,000 during the 1992-93 season despite his relatively poor run of results , added : ‘ When you believe that you 're the best player in the world it 's very depressing when you keep on playing like an idiot . ’
19 Still , sometimes when I saw a camera lifted to a scene I would like to have shared back home , I felt a twinge of loss and was suddenly conscious of my idle hands , like someone who has recently given up smoking .
20 May I , as someone who has recently come off the dole , comment on Donald Gould 's article ( Forum , 20 January , p 180 ) .
21 Anyone who has recently taken up some form of exercise will tell that it has brought them enhanced mental energy and concentration , the ability to sleep more deeply and a feeling of well-being .
22 When Italian voters go the polls today they will have a bewildering array of 116 parties to choose from , including the Movement in Defence of Motorists , the League of Housewives and Pensioners and , of course , the Party of Love , headed by Italy 's self-styled porno star , Moana Pozzi — who has recently taken over the mantle from her screen colleague and Member of Parliament , Ilona Staller , La Cicciolina , who is taking time off from politics to have a baby .
23 Perhaps ’ corrupt ’ is too strong , because we do not know who has actually taken out key words or added sections at the last minute because they are worried about the public impact of certain phrases .
24 ‘ Diana is an Uptown girl who has never gone in for downtown men , ’ observes Rory Scott .
25 Maggie reckons her family should be help up as a warning to everyone who has never got round to it .
26 An innocent who 'd somehow wandered down into the rat run , just asking to get bitten .
27 ‘ And she 'll have the South Sussex team manager stoned to death at dawn with vegetarian Scotch eggs if they do n't win , ’ murmured Bas Baddingham who 'd just rolled up and was kissing Daisy .
28 Randy and Merlin Sherwood 's beautiful mother adjusted her mascara in the driving mirror and eyed Rupert Campbell-Black who 'd just rolled up alone in a dark green Ferrari to watch his daughter , Tabitha , play in the first final for the under-fourteens .
29 There was a certain cynicism in the agency girl 's eyes , but Diane was n't somebody who 'd just climbed down off the backwoods bus .
30 The man who 'd just strolled on to the terrace was tall , very lean , very dark .
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