Example sentences of "not said to " in BNC.

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1 Perhaps he had not said to himself that in a marriage between two like this , someone was going to have to know a little less clearly what they had wanted .
2 Although not said to be X500-compliant , Novell Network Registry is ‘ fully compatible ’ with Novell products and those of partners throughout the network .
3 Although it is a consonantal loss , it is not said to be ugly or careless in England generally .
4 ‘ That was not said to me , ’ reflected Robert with slightly affronted dignity .
5 ‘ language or conduct is not said to be insulting unless it is intended to show contempt or disesteem , or is understood by the hearer or observer to show this attitude . ’
6 Kenya has about one million flamingos living around lakes Nakuru and Bogoria , a major tourist attraction , and the species ' survival is not said to be threatened by the epidemic , which is expected to die down in about a month .
7 I 'm sure that he has not said to you that you can do work other than your religious studies at the moment , so that 's what you should be doing but you say he has and we will check it later .
8 This is not said to be mean , but to protect Lennie from getting into trouble because of his fascination for her .
9 The child is probably trying to write down a suitable looking word , and has n't said to himself the actual word he has written down .
10 Well it 's just the architect She said , Well it does n't matter , if he has n't said to you .
11 They had n't said to one another that they could n't understand his talk about the Abigails and the Dasses and Mr Plant or the Artilleryman 's Friend .
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