Example sentences of "not been said " in BNC.

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No Sentence
1 This account of Western Christianity in the early Middle Ages may have been rather weighted towards the political , and perhaps , given the political complexion of the discussion , it may be surprising to many readers that more has not been said about the papacy .
2 Both women wished that this had not been said .
3 What is there to say er what 's not been said already yesterday , today , last year 's meetings and in the last ten years .
4 He asked why it was said that if Denmark and Britain rejected the treaty they would have to leave the EC , when this had not been said of France or Germany .
5 There is very little to say about the new Robert Zemeckis film that has n't been said about the old one .
6 In case it has n't been said before , I shall say it now : a Bentley is one of the least demanding cars to drive .
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