Example sentences of "[be] [vb pp] over a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 In addition to exploring the influences upon arrears , this approach will allow the course of arrears to be traced over a period of time .
2 If you think of it the other way when , what happens when a price , when a price falls , alright , if farmers er , assume that price fall will be sustained over a number of periods , then they think , right well in order to achieve the same level of income , right , as I did previously , if prices have fallen , I 'm going to have to increase my output .
3 The single.step response can be examined over a range of forcing resistance values ( with appropriate changes of supply voltage to maintain constant phase current ) until a suitable response is obtained .
4 However , the emphasis has shifted in that the business is now controlled by the purchaser rather than the vendor and the earn out will be calculated over a period of perhaps several years following completion .
5 The chorus produced by hundreds of males can be heard over a mile away .
6 Closing the claw pulls the discs apart with a click that can be heard over a kilometre away .
7 His voice could be heard over a loudspeaker .
8 Text can be aligned over a range of columns by selecting the WYSI-WYG menu options : Text , Align , Centre and highlighting the relevant range of columns .
9 The centre frequency can be adjusted over a range of 400kHz to 250MHz , with direct frequency readout on a large 0.5in. liquid crystal display .
10 At the meeting Eduard Shevardnadze , the Soviet Foreign Minister , proposed the " decoupling " of the internal and external aspects of unification so that the former could be completed swiftly while allowing a unified Germany 's security status to be resolved over a number of years .
11 Thus , whereas in the relational model information about the object customer would be scattered over a number of relations ( which could be : customer , holding customer name and address information ; sales ledger , holding details about the debts of the customer ; invoice , holding details of payments due ) , in the object-oriented model there would be one object , customer , reflecting all this information .
12 Slides would be built over a mound , so there 's no danger of children falling from a height .
13 This is allowed for in each instrument and in addition , measurements can be made over a range of temperatures ( 278 to 373 K ) .
14 The descent needs great care through its fall of 500 feet ; then the gradient eases and more confident progress can be made over a widening and declining moorland to the shore of Loch Kishorn .
15 Furthermore measurement has usually to be made over a period of time .
16 Doing it manually , it had to be done over a period of two or three days , fitting it in after work . ’
17 It 's typical of the states I get in here I suddenly told myself that the digging would have to be done over a number of days , the only stupid thing was to expect to do it all in one .
18 This can then be searched over a Local Area Network by up to 25 users simultaneously , a speed performance ten times better than the best CD-ROM can normally offer .
19 Where information , particularly of a detailed nature , is to be collected over a period of time the panel has clear attractions .
20 In March of the following year Mr Henderson was appointed treasurer of the Building Fund and the cost of the building scheme was estimated at £18,000 a sum which could be met over a period of 7 years .
21 One problem for small businesses is that capital needs to be reinvested over a number of years yet there are no special allowances provided by the government for doing so .
22 A bridging unit could also be used over a dressing table , with a mirror on the wall behind .
23 Small , 3kW to 6kW , instantaneous electric water heaters , similar to the type used for electric showers , can be used over a sink or basin .
24 The stoma care nurse and ward nurses were able to answer his questions over the next few days and also showed Mr Reynolds some of the bags which can be worn over a stoma and let him practise handling these .
25 Delegates voted by a large majority for the immediate introduction of a multiparty system , emphatically rejecting a proposal by Bongo that democratic pluralism be introduced over a three- to five-year period ; delegates also rejected Bongo 's proposal for a new single party , the Gabonese Social Democratic Rally ( RSDG ) [ ibid. ] , encompassing various political groupings , which was to have replaced the Gabonese Democratic Party ( PDG ) , the sole legal party since 1968 .
26 Discrimination and parental choice have come to be linked over a number of issues of current importance .
27 It seems that the arousing properties of a context will be re-established over a retention interval and will boost the frequency of occurrence of an habituated response that is otherwise unlikely to occur .
28 Although the liability will be settled over a number of years , the future payments represent a contingent loss at the balance sheet date .
29 Speed of response can be set over a range of five steps , and may well have to be reset because , particularly in graphics mode , if it is too sensitive , loading up several movement commands into the buffer will require having to wait for them to clear .
30 You ca n't be hurt over a telephone .
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