Example sentences of "[be] [vb pp] a [adj] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 I was asked if I wished my name to be withdrawn a second time but I declined , feeling it would be wrong to have to continue to rely on the goodwill and hospitality of friends in order to continue playing .
2 ‘ I know the piece ’ , he wrote ; ‘ it is a very silly play and the translation will have to be altered a great deal if it is to work as an opera …
3 The term ‘ exceptional circumstances ’ will be given a restrictive interpretation , and a candidate claiming such circumstances must do so in writing in accordance with Section 30 .
4 It is however also clear that the concept of legitimate expectations , like many legal concepts , can be used in more than one way ; it does not have to be given a restrictive interpretation .
5 Therefore he restated his belief in the discipline of enforced spending caps , called for congressional authorization for the elimination of 246 federally funded spending programmes , and repeated earlier calls for the President to be given a line-item veto in order to " end the annual ritual of filling the budget with pork-barrel appropriations " .
6 Lombard 's Pictures may lack the last degree of individual characterisation , but at budget price this version can be given a warm welcome .
7 If parents are to be given a reasonable amount of time to talk with the teacher and some choice in the timing of the appointment then it may be best to spread the event over two days .
8 It breeds in caves , and should be given a reasonable amount of space , — a 24″ tank for a pair .
9 In February 1989 the proposed new terms and conditions were outlined by letter to staff and , after subsequent fruitless negotiations with the unions , in April 1989 a notice was sent informing the employees that the changes would be discussed with them , that they would be given a reasonable time to consider the new contracts and that they would be dismissed if they did not accept them .
10 The blandness of harmony in perfect fourths can , through including augmented fourths , be given a piquant force which many composers have found attractive .
11 The Tykes switched from Pakistan 's Aqib Javed because he would have to be given a two-year contract under TCCB rules while 21-year-old Benjamin could sign for a year .
12 Held , dismissing the appeals , ( 1 ) that , on its true construction , section 6(3) ( a ) of the Act of 1980 had to be given a literal meaning ; that where a school was over-subscribed compliance with the preference of all the applicants would necessarily prejudice efficient education , and in such circumstances the school had to have an admissions policy , which would inevitably result in defeating the preference of some applicants , whatever criteria were adopted ; and that , accordingly , since the school was over-subscribed , there was no duty on the governors to give effect to the applicants ' preferences ( post , pp. 100H — 101B , 106H , 107G–H , 108A , G–H ) .
13 The Labour leader , Mr Neil Kinnock , has appointed Mr Paul Boateng to his front bench Treasury team , the first black MP to be given a front bench post .
14 THE Labour leader , Mr Neil Kinnock , made history yesterday when he appointed Mr Paul Boateng to his front bench Treasury team , the first black MP to be given a front bench post in Parliament .
15 Mr Paul Boateng has been appointed to Labour 's front bench Treasury team , the first black MP to be given a front bench post in Parliament .
16 Artrageous ! , which is to be given a six-week pilot run , will be presented by 22-year-old Jason Rebello , a boy wonder jazz pianist who is Britain 's answer to Herbie Hancock .
17 Your bank balance might be given a pleasant surprise .
18 Amid charges of a short-term political fix from Labour , the Liberal Democrats and the remaining handful of diehard Tory dissidents , Mr Heseltine said the mines would be given a new chance to compete and eased the way for full privatisation of the coal industry .
19 To symbolise her new life , her new role defined for her by the male rule-makers of society , a girl may even be given a new name on marriage .
20 ACOST , the Advisory Council on Science and Technology , is to be given a new name and a newly defined role .
21 Old furniture and junk-shop finds can be given a new lease of life with a little tender loving care and a certain amount of practical know-how .
22 It could only be given a new lease of life by grounding its themes in a transformed image of a much more efficient , modernised , client-centred public sector , to which Labour has not yet seriously directed itself .
23 The venerable Antonov An-2 utility biplane in production in Eastern Europe since 1948 , may be given a new lease of life .
24 It 's right that Joe Hawkins and Allen 's other legendary aggro merchants should now be given a new lease of life , and Allen is absolutely sure of his books ' continued relevance : ‘ The doubts and problems which confronted yesteryear 's skinheads have multiplied at an alarming rate in today 's world .
25 It 's absolutely wonderful — to be given a new lease of life .
26 ONE of Scotland 's most ancient highways may be given a new lease of life as a commuter route for cyclists .
27 ‘ If Bernard gets away after tipping off Bailey he 's certain to be given a new identity by the CIA .
28 It means that lambs which have lost their parents , for reasons such as sheep worrying by dogs , can quickly be given a new mother .
29 The word ‘ god ’ must , in the minds of all , be divorced for ever from all its varied historical associations and be given a new meaning .
30 You 'll also be given a new toothbrush every evening .
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