Example sentences of "[be] [verb] a long [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 The outbreak of hostilities had the immediate effect of silencing most of those within Congress who had spoken out against war , and effectively removed the argument that sanctions should be given a longer period in which to work .
2 But because the new craft will broadcast at a high power , they will have to be spaced a long way apart so that TV sets in , say , Canada do not receive signals meant for the US .
3 It either comes from the river beds or is scraped from rock ( tufa ) higher up the mountain — either way it has to be carried a long way over steep slopes .
4 A few of us may become angry , but most of us have to be pushed a long way before we abandon our normal passivity .
5 I want music to frighten me like T Rex or Johnny Rotten : I 'll be waiting a long time for that in Dublin . ’
6 He does n't deserve to be facing a long prison sentence .
7 to be having a long holiday !
8 Toby seemed to be gone a long time , but I was n't measuring time very accurately .
9 ‘ He could be gone a long time , you know . ’
10 ‘ It seems to be taking a long time , ’ Omi observed .
11 Muldoon seemed to be taking a long time over his coffee .
12 ‘ These lights seem to be taking a long time to change ’
13 Watching the door , Lucy stood waiting for them to emerge again , but their exit appeared to be taking a long time to eventuate .
14 We were pleased to be awarded a long term contract from BP for integrated engineering services on their Magnus , Thistle and Miller platforms .
15 The lugworms may be lagging a long way behind , but perhaps their time may come ?
16 2.9 If on one or more occasion the carrying out of the Works is delayed in consequence of any circumstance beyond the control of the Landlord which the Landlord could not [ reasonably ] have prevented or avoided then on each such occasion the Landlord shall be allowed such extension of time for carrying out the Works as may be certified by the Architect as being reasonable having regard to the delay in question and the date by which the Landlord is required to carry out the Works as provided in clause 2.8 shall be postponed accordingly The problem here is the uncertainty from the tenant 's point of view , hence the suggestion that there be inserted a long stop date ( see clause 2.8 ) .
17 ‘ Secrets can be kept a long time , ’ he says .
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