Example sentences of "[be] [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 The people who are seizing and occupying the present time can not belong in my colour , they 're like the bits that leap out of a spinning bowl , too heavy , too separate and distinct to be blended in with the other substances ; red-hot stones , flung out and setting on fire the place where they land .
2 Our excitement would rise ; soon we knew the names ; on the left the Lawley and Caradoc , on the right the Longmynd , and in two minutes we would be drawing up at the nerve centre Church Stretton .
3 But without that pride the Spaniard would not be Spanish , as Harvey writes : ‘ It is profoundly to be hoped that he will never allow these sharp angles to be smoothed off by the modern cult of ‘ all things to all men' ’ , and a false catholicity of taste which is no taste at all .
4 Proponents of the scheme believe the fans would form artificial tornadoes of polluted air , which would be propelled up through the thermal inversion " cap " .
5 It is intolerable that Labour MPs who are also accountable to all the voters in their town should be turfed out by the block vote .
6 Marilyn has worked with Douglas Reyburn for just over a year as time keeper , but because of her clerical skills will also be helping out in the office when leave is taken by others .
7 Vivien 's good idea became a big-budget shambles , and Spellbound seemed to be eased out of the second series .
8 Anyhow , whatever it was , maybe a little , as Jan says , he also had a f a bad flu bug at a bad time anyhow he crashed out of the computer science course and he announced that he was only regarding the computer science course as being a stepping stone to being a teacher so the sensible thing to do would be to go on to the teacher training course at Lancashire , an education course , cos that 's what he wanted to do .
9 The only way to reverse what the hon. Gentleman alleges would be to go back to the sort of tax rates that we had under the last Labour Government — 83 and 98 per cent .
10 She told herself that the best thing she could do would be to go out of the house and climb up to where the buzzards and the ravens nested on the clifftop , but she did n't pay herself much attention .
11 The origins of Cognitive–Behaviour therapy may be traced back to the philosopher Epictetus , who in the first century AD wrote ‘ People are disturbed not so much by events as by the views which they take of them ’ .
12 Belief in the power of such plants can be traced back to the time of the Druids ; it was certainly part of the belief system of the Celtic peoples , and although it may not be voiced so explicitly as it once was , yet the custom of planting and preserving this special tree is still continued by some people .
13 On active citizenship Labour has had little to say , although Labour spokespersons haves given support to the general idea of civic responsibility and the encouragement of a sense of community , which can be traced back to the nineteenth century traditions of civic virtue and community solidarity which are strong in the Labour party .
14 In particular , the origin of the problem of the dating of Easter can be traced back to the Babylonians .
15 The ultimate origin of our seven-day week and the restrictions for long imposed on Sunday activities can thus be traced back to the Babylonians .
16 The idea of a primeval golden age can be traced back to the Sumerians ( c.2000 BC ) .
17 The germ of this idea can be traced back to the sophist Antiphon ( c.480–411 BC ) , one of whose fragments contains the earliest Greek definition of time .
18 The founding father of modern Mithraic studies , Franz Cumont , showed that Roman Mithraism was a continuation of the Iranian religion of Zarathustra and that its origins can be traced back to the Hindus , for in the Vedic hymns we encounter the name Mitra .
19 Its origin can be traced back to the Sumerians and Babylonians .
20 The origin of Islamic interest in science can be traced back to the closure by Justinian of the Neoplatonic Academy at Athens in 529 .
21 There were other polled cattle in Ireland throughout the ages : the ‘ maol ’ ( hornless ) types are referred to in traditional cattle-raiding stories which in some cases can be traced back to the fourth century , and remains of polled cattle have been found ( along with small , horned Kerry types ) at archaeological sites dating back three to four thousand years .
22 In reality , these devices are a form of laser whose development can be traced back to the post-war years and which have a wide range of applications beyond generating very high powers .
23 Nevertheless , a generalization is only acceptable to the reader when it can be traced back to the evidence collected .
24 there is increased liberality in interpretation in several texts , but they can mostly be traced back to the increasing imperial intervention in trust cases from the time of Marcus Aurelius .
25 In some of the large international companies this process of amalgamating mission and vision has already begun — though it can , of course be traced back to the philanthropic industrialists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries .
26 The persistent failures can always be traced back to the original false premise that all existence is controlled by an undefined and unassailable ‘ god ’ .
27 It can be traced back to the creation of a committee of New Socialists in 1989 , which held a Congress in 1990 and formed a small Socialist Party of the USSR .
28 Their heritage can be traced back to the time of the destruction of the Temple in 586 BC , when the Jews were taken captive into exile by the Babylonians .
29 However , studies of children 's communicative abilities prior to the onset of spoken language have indicated that the origins of communication may be traced back to the earliest days after birth , and that full mastery of the morpho-syntactic devices for expressing complex meanings may not be fully understood until early adolescence .
30 The problem in such cases can often be traced back to the actions of the owner .
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