Example sentences of "[that] you know [Wh adv] [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 Just enough to make sure Okay , maybe not a difficult as that one was , just enough really to make sure that you knew how to do the calculations .
2 Every time you put some plant material in a book or press , you must have an efficient way of knowing the date on which you pressed those particular items , so that you know when to remove them .
3 If you know what your aims are ; if you make sure that you know how to memorise and recall ; if your reviews are effective , with good concentration , you may feel yourself well on the way to becoming a successful student with a bright future .
4 When children injure themselves , it is important that you know how to give the right first aid treatment , quickly , quietly and with lots of reassurance to the child .
5 Your forbearance is a weapon that you know how to use all too well . ’
6 Are you sure that you know how to use the Ctrl and Alt keys ?
7 How could I forget that you know how to do most things , short of open-heart surgery ? ’
8 We must assume that you know how to express yourself in sentences .
9 It is vital , therefore , that you know how to stretch properly and safely .
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