Example sentences of "[that] i [vb mod] not give " in BNC.

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1 Another feeling , which is much more likely if you talk about my character , would be that I ca n't give anything more to this ensemble , that it 's time for someone fresher to guide these people in the right direction .
2 ‘ You know very well that I ca n't give you that sort of information , ’ said Harris , his gravelly voice unusually gentle .
3 He did n't seem convinced so I did n't tell him that I would n't give odds on his wheels being there in the morning .
4 ‘ I assure you that I will not give any offence to the Lady Yolande .
5 Very few athletes enter sport without the assistance and encouragement of a teacher who might innocently create serious tensions , as with Jackie Jackson , whose PE teacher strengthened her commitment to athletics , a commitment which proved destructive to her educational aims , as she pointed out : ‘ I was spending so much time in athletics that I could n't give enough time to my ‘ A ’ levels . ’
6 On a more personal level , Riley has said : ‘ The game is the same but the stakes are higher for women – – You need time to reflect , you are alone essentially , and I knew that I could n't give the time and thought to bringing up children or caring for another person on an intimate level .
7 ‘ I told the police I would take them off in this country , but that I could n't give confirmation I would n't use them abroad . ’
8 I told the hon. Gentleman that I could not give him the information for which he asked until October , when the 1991 population figures would become available .
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