Example sentences of "[that] i [verb] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 The young lady in question ( who I shall call Mrs X because I am afraid that I omitted to catch her name ) began by asking me what the bad points were within the embalming profession .
2 Ever since James brought me the clothes of that unfortunate young girl , I have been beset by a conviction that I failed to notice something of importance . ’
3 But now suppose that you know I am behind the tree , you are expecting me to leap out , and I know you know all that : I can still ( maybe ) frighten you by leaping out , just by getting you to realize that I intend to frighten you .
4 ‘ I just wanted to let you know that I intend to resign my post at the District . ’
5 And everywhere else now that I come to mention it . ’
6 Yes erm they 're not they 're not add additional representations , they 're not additional to anything that I 've said we 've heard during the enquiry .
7 Now even more than the rest of the stuff that I 've said I would n't mention that to anybody else no .
8 and I keep on saying that I 've said it like about so many things when we 're at home and she goes , what is this you always saying well with everything .
9 ‘ Only that I 've seen them before . ’
10 Well yes since leaving college yes it 's been predominantly figurative and I always take my subject matter from things that I 've seen which have interested me for one reason or another .
11 No I was thinking that I 've seen her perhaps I was thinking , you know , you remind me of it .
12 From the plans that I 've seen there 's no change from what they originally planned
13 Now that I 've seen his photograph and read his prose style , I ca n't imagine how he and Serafin ever contrived to live together .
14 No , now that I 've seen it .
15 Not that I 've seen anyone .
16 Right , now then , be like this I 'll pretend that I 've done something that needs to be , a high sling to support me in this fashion .
17 That I 've done what I 've done because it seemed to me right , not because I wanted to spite him . ’
18 So I must check that the figures I 've already given you , that 's the way that I 've done it .
19 yeah , I find that , that I 've done it and I 've written down the answer and then I ca n't think which number does it go to , and by the time I 've got to number one they 're on about six , so I might as well , I 'm lost it completely , so I ca n't do that either and my project work , course work , goes towards certain percent of my marks and I ca n't think for the life of me why
20 ‘ So , now that I 've explained everything , do you think you 'll marry me ? ’
21 Well we 've we only went to the if you like the training session of the er erm participants yesterday and we 've got our next meeting on the 22nd February that I 've invited you to at .
22 Now that I 've heard what can really be done with this 1915 score , I greatly prefer the flavour of the Teatre Lliure 's tough and stringy version to the Carmé Ensemble 's plump , battery-fed one .
23 Only that I 've heard it before .
24 ‘ She hates the fact that I 've lost nothing and she 's lost everything . ’
25 ‘ Over the fact that I 've lost her , ’ Estabrook said .
26 ‘ Now I 've been told that I 've lost my place and I 'm very disappointed . ’
27 Or is it that I 've lost my sense of balance ?
28 Oh look at that I 've lost me pen now , bloody thing 's , okay
29 I 'm sorry that I 've lost it , like I think it perhaps Si has lost the pipes .
30 It makes me feel pleased that I 've achieved something in my chosen career . ’
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