Example sentences of "[that] [pers pn] know [adv] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Instead , now that I knew where she was living , I contacted my solicitors and instructed them to start divorce proceedings .
2 Yet it was then that I knew why I had come , for just distinguishable to me against the background of reciting voices , I heard my own voice .
3 The wind was high when I knocked at her door , and I heard a voice from within that I knew not what to make of , though it sounded like the lullaby of a Mother to her Baby .
4 It became clear from talking to parents that I had to see how what they said actually hooked up with their experience , the fine detail of it , and not to assume that I knew exactly what kind of lived experience lay behind a familiar form of words .
5 ‘ And when you see Bellybutton , tell him that I know where his brother is , and I 'll pick the bastard up whenever I choose and then feed him head first into a cane-shredder . ’
6 ‘ So I ca n't say that I know where your mother is or why she left . ’
7 Do n't forget that I know exactly what you 're capable of ! ’
8 I tell yer , Joe , I ai n't too partial to that cove , and nor ai n't I 'appy that 'e knows where I live .
9 She did not consciously know that , with Luke 's swift co-operation , she had rid him of his tie , nor that she was left unaided to tear at his shirt buttons with frantic fingers ; and it was only through her senses that she knew when she came to hard flesh and soft springy hair , her palm sliding damply over his chest , fingers catching luxuriously in the light tangle of hair covering it .
10 So that she knew when he stood up and walked round to drop to his knees beside her .
11 She replied that she knew where he was but she did n't want to discuss it .
12 She began to feel that she knew where she was , a little : and after a while she too began to talk .
13 He started keeping Fred and himself to timetables , so that she knew where she was , and cut out eating with Fred after the show or seeing him in the daytime at weekends .
14 She thought she knew herself very well , but faced with God she realized that she knew virtually nothing .
15 When they did converse , she said little and mostly listened ; it had only recently struck Angelica that she knew almost nothing more about Alina now than she had at the end of that first day .
16 She is far more likely to obey the rules if you discuss them with her , so that she knows why you make them .
17 After all , ’ said the kind-looking gentleman in his pleasant voice , ‘ they were aware by then that you knew where they lived , and that there was a chance you 'd have them arrested . ’
18 The third reading , for instance , was slower than the first , despite the fact that you knew exactly what you were looking for .
19 You are advised to keep your answer to question 5 as concise as possible ( no more than a few sentences ) ; be sure that you know exactly what you want to say before you pick up the phone .
20 First , be sure that you know exactly what is required , In some questions the statement of the conditions is deliberately written in a complex confusion .
21 The most important factor in ‘ free stretching ’ is that you know when it hurts and how far you can go , making it possible for you to immediately release the stretch should you need to .
22 Chasing solid walls is done with a bolster chisel and club hammer , and it is important to keep the cables vertical so that you know where they are .
23 In the concluding part of this chapter we want to pass rough , but clear , judgement on these matters so that you know where we stand .
24 ‘ I do n't mind where I go , but I prefer opening , and the main thing is that you know where you are . ’
25 she 's just giving , she 's just give me an adult education centre there at Spinny Hill , Northampton and she said they put everything in perspective for you so that you know where you 've got to start , what is available to you and then she said if you go down the job centre and ask them if E T , education , employment training
26 ‘ Any questions you like provided that you know only your daughter can answer them ; the nickname of a childhood friend , for example , or the description of some pet she used to have , anything that she will know and her captors ca n't know .
27 So whi what I 'm trying to say to you is that you should have four sides of written text , whether it 's on two pages , three or four What I will do is go through the headings and give you a very brief description of that so that you know roughly what 's in them .
28 He 's also got editing equipment so it might be the sort of thing that you know like you 'll be able to take it away and say you know , this section , that bit and then
29 and er you know I think coming to a , a university is a thing that you know like it 's a very sort of novel experience for a lot of people and you know certainly when I started the human psych course here , you know about twelve , thirteen years ago erm you know I did n't know what on earth was , was requ required and I agonized over work for quite , quite a long time and er
30 It would be a good idea to develop a formula for using this kind of programme so that you know precisely what kind of item you are looking for and , if you can arrange for a regular supply , you do n't need to spend a lot of time viewing it to work out how you are going to use it .
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