Example sentences of "[that] [pron] will give [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 And I only hope that in the end our roads will become so clogged with all these fume-belching cars and lorries that everyone will give them up and start going by train again .
2 I 'll tell you give him a ring , tell him that you 've given me his , the telephone number and he should expect that I 'll give him a call in the next week
3 If you come up with that sort of material , then the American and English newspapers will publish an interview that I 'll give them ’ .
4 And I 've got a little chart that I 'll give you to do that on .
5 Er what we 'll do is that I 'll give you another eight of these , now if they 're a lot better just s give a ring in
6 And he uses a picture , he says , look , you 're gon na come and you 're , you 're drawing this water and you 're gon na come back tomorrow and get some more , and the next day you 'll come with your jugs and have some more water , and that 's the story of your life , coming back again , and again , and again but the , the water that I will give you , that wo n't be an external source outside of you , that 's gon na be within you !
7 I now believe that she will give me a lift this evening , and this belief is justified .
8 Do I know that she will give me a lift ?
9 And , Sir , I come to crave of you a boon , that you will give me Rodrigo of Bivar to be my husband , with whom I shall hold myself well married , and greatly honoured ; for certain I am that his possessions will one day be greater than those of any man in your dominions .
10 ‘ Does that mean that you will give me a game ? ’
11 I do n't deserve another chance — but I 'm hoping , praying that you will give me one anyway . ’
12 I am sure that you will give him the same affirmation and support you gave to me when I arrived .
13 We pray for the leaders of our nation , that you will give them wisdom in providing for all , particularly those who are homeless or unemployed .
14 What we do say is that we will give you an opportunity erm er if you like a platform for er for earning good money
15 We provide a platform for people to earn substantial money erm you know the only guarantee we give you is that we will give you the opportunity .
16 That 's why we give an absolute guarantee that we will give you continuity of assignment .
17 ‘ I feel sure you 'll understand that it will give me great satisfaction to entertain your niece 's young cousin .
18 I 'm a fool if I believe for one minute that he 'll give me a fair chance …
19 Formally but icily they replied that they " do not desire to interfere with any views which he may have towards improving his position in life , but they expect that he will give them six months ' notice of his intention to resign the mastership of the School " .
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