Example sentences of "[that] [pron] [vb mod] [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 In spite of the iciness of the day he felt warm and exhilarated , and he was determined that nothing would prevent him from attending .
2 Artemis threw the reins at his head so that nothing would check him .
3 But that was your real nature , and it told me that nothing would make you kill an innocent man , a complete stranger , who had done you no harm .
4 You are obviously tired and I imagine that nothing would make you admit it .
5 Mortified , inwardly seething with fury at this last suggestion , Caroline had endured Roman 's taunting smile as he 'd wryly assured his hostess that nothing would give him greater pleasure …
6 Odd-Knut was ahead of us , so that nothing would stop him being first away .
7 My arched body had moved gingerly toward the only hold , and once there I stood upright and whooped knowing that nothing would stop me now .
8 Respondents understood very clearly the difficult role of the manager , and some workers openly confessed that nothing would induce them to take on the manager 's job !
9 So long as the possibility remained that nothing would happen they felt no compulsion to educate themselves .
10 Her husband , taking his cue , murmured that nothing would surprise him nowadays .
11 If the mountain is beautiful from the shore , it is mouth-watering from the top of Ben Damph , and as we retraced our steps through the snow , elated at having finally swapped slippers for boots and crampons , we knew that nothing would keep us from it .
12 I reassured myself that nothing could stop me keeping in touch with the women on a voluntary basis , provided they wished to remain friends .
13 " You should just see her , you ca n't imagine , you would have to see her to know why she chose it , " and all the time , as she spoke , some more assured , sophisticated account underran her words , silently , in her own mind , an account by some other girl , some girl who could wear such garments , and laugh at them , and explain them , and not suffer — some girl so far above such things that nothing could pull her down .
14 They tied down the oars , too , so that nothing could move them .
15 She felt that nothing could destroy it now .
16 His Beyond The Fringe was so innovative that nothing could follow it .
17 She thought of Alexei , his life , its wealth , its comforts , his family , so substantially lodged in him that nothing could remove them .
18 She could see that nothing could harm her , that there was no danger , that danger in so far as it might exist was desirable , and she started to walk , slowly , up the street , looking at those who looked at her , exchanging glance for glance , shivering in the warm April air from a tremulous , hopeful , artificial apprehension .
19 The service also maintains that nothing can beat it for warmth , dependability and value for money .
20 This is not a call to glorify suffering for its own sake , but to realize that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ , whatever it may be .
21 When I consider the striking natural beauties of such a river as that at Matlock , and the effect of the seven-storey buildings that have been raised there , and on other beautiful streams , for cotton manufactories , I am inclined to think that nothing can equal them for the purpose of disbeautifying an enchanting piece of scenery ; and that economy had produced , what the greatest ingenuity , if a prize were given for ugliness , could not surpass .
22 When the grand collapse starts , it is so violent and so rapid that nothing can halt it .
23 It 's not just that nothing can harm them ( that old suave illusion ) , but that nothing can harm anyone they care about either .
24 We come to the conclusion that we would like to live here forever , knowing that nothing will stop us being on the plane home .
25 He sued to love the sun and it seemed to give him life but now as they drag his limp body into the sun they realise that nothing will wake him , not even the sun .
26 Crossing his fingers mentally , he hoped that everyone would assume he was just someone else answering the call to action .
27 They hung it to an almond tree in the square by its ankles so that everyone could see it , and when it began to rot they burned it in a bonfire , for they could not determine whether its bastard nature was that of an animal to be thrown in the river or a human being to be buried …
28 Somehow it always righted itself and reached the front , where new hands seized it and raised it high so that everyone could see it .
29 ‘ We 're honoured to have you ladies in our humble premises , ’ he said , so that everyone could hear him .
30 It is so simple that everyone should understand it .
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