Example sentences of "be found the " in BNC.

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1 Between these extremes are found the typical mixed farms with livestock , grass , and arable nicely balanced .
2 Meditation on the spiritual life brings forth the peak experience in which the whole organism approaches release — therein are found the supreme joys of the spirit .
3 For example in column 4 are found the words ‘ catch ’ and ‘ cat ’ .
4 Amongst them are found the last adepts of controlled altered states , out-of-the-body experience , psycho-navigation , environmental wisdom and time-honoured alternative methods of giving birth , healing , living and dying .
5 Nowhere to the west of the Wallace Line can be found the giant Cassowary , Birds of Paradise or marsupials of Australasia , and nowhere to the east of it are found the tigers , elephants , primates and early man which crossed the land-bridge once connecting Java , Sumatra and Borneo to mainland Asia .
6 There , lying among trilobites , brachiopods and bristle worms , in the mud of the seas of 550 million years ago that had yet to see a finned or backboned swimmer , has been found the impression of a creature very similar indeed to the living lancelet .
7 Her body had been found the morning before by the side of the pool in the little park on the south side of the royal compound .
8 Once a project which meets the predetermined criteria has been found the natural inclination is to proceed as quickly as possible , but ignoring changed circumstances will cause problems .
9 Czechoslovakia is better off than the other East European nations and has committed 2 per cent of its investment to environmental projects , but there once again are to be found the same dreary environmental statistics of rivers poisoned , sewage untreated , sulphur dioxide deposited and trees dying , even if the figures are not quite so bad as elsewhere .
10 Within every institution ( and indeed , individual ) may be found the polarised views of the pedant and the pragmatist .
11 In the church vestry can be found the unsmiling and stalwart statue of Queen Elizabeth 1 .
12 Though always happy at Saint Cloud , the Emperor had a weakness for the great palace of Fontainebleau , perhaps because of its associations with Napoleon I. Because of the magnificence of the palace it was impossible to live a quiet family life and so June was a month of great social activity , a sort of informal summer Court , at which was to be found the glittering society so indelibly associated with the regime .
13 Not sauntering but fanatically rooted to their hallowed places at the end of the ‘ Up ’ main platform in most big stations are to be found the train-spotters , living proof of George Orwell 's observation that the English are a nation of collectors , in this case of train numbers .
14 Hidden in the house buying jungle can also be found the Public Auction .
15 In the Structure Plan , again , can be found the following perceptive comments :
16 In this , I think , is to be found the origins of and impetus behind the arrangement of sites , the study of which has gone under the name of astro-archaeology , or , more recently , archaeo-astronomy .
17 At Washford can be found the ruins of 13th century Cleeve Abbey , the Tropiquaria tropical house and aquarium and a museum of railway relics .
18 They are now working on a centralised system for spare parts , so that a customer in Spain or Switzerland can be found the part he needs whether it 's in Germany , Italy or France .
19 Facing the title-page is often to be found the ‘ frontispiece ’ , devoted to a portrait or some interesting part of the subject matter .
20 In this court could be found the money changers who changed the ‘ unclean ’ currencies such as Roman money into the sacred Temple money for the payment of Temple collections .
21 Here can be found the largest crag in the district : Pillar Rock ; the dirtiest : Boat Howe Crag ; the remotest : Haskett Buttress , and the sunniest : Buckbarrow .
22 Among the final paragraphs is to be found the following :
23 The first part of Gaudium et Spes returns again and again to the theme of Christ , the New Adam who ‘ fully reveals man to man ’ , himself making man 's vocation clear , and in whom is to be found the key and focal point for human history and civilization .
24 If he had a hangover from too much of the strongest real ale to be found the night before — Jack was a formidable seeker-out of head-banging beers with frightening names — or if the play was too slow , or if he disapproved of a local rule , or a local official , or a new initiative by the PGA , or …
25 Below the £20 mark were to be found the mass of people , 90 per cent and more of the population .
26 Just across the Dean Bridge beside the imposing facade of Stewarts Melville college can be found the gracious Victorian setting of the Queensway Hotel .
27 In the burial ground will be found the graves of many distinguished men including Thomas de Quincey , author of Confessions of an Opium Eater .
28 Freud seems to have been right in seeing that , at least in Christianity and its associated arts , both in works positively related to it and those antagonistic to it , there is to be found the theme of God the Father , and God the Son , who is sacrificed and eaten in Holy Communion .
29 Caerleon , the legionary fortress of Isca , boasts the atmospheric remains of a Roman amphitheatre and baths complex , whilst in the beautiful Wye Valley can be found the substantial ruins of Tintern Abbey and Chepstow Castle .
30 In its narrow streets are to be found the great architectural masterpieces of Fatamid and Mamaluke Cairo .
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