Example sentences of "be said [prep] " in BNC.

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1 He was n't shocked by what he had been told ; he was astonished that it should have been said to him by his own daughter .
2 Erika felt goose-pimples on her arms and the thought crossed her mind that , despite all that had been said to her about courage , perhaps she was n't really cut out for stardom , after all .
3 There is also the problem , common to courses with high-recurrent frequency , that the guide does not remember exactly what has been said to each particular group .
4 It is perfectly in order to pause before answering a question so that you can be totally sure you have understood what has been said to you and to give some thought to your answer .
5 Make sure you have fully understood what has been said to you .
6 If hurtful things have been said to you or about you do n't let your mind keep going over and over them .
7 Again , explain what 's been said to a close friend and keep reminding yourself that in God 's eyes you are a successful , important and useful person .
8 Benny and Eve watched fascinated , as he shook his head sorrowfully and seemed to agree with something that had been said to him .
9 Some remote pain stabbed at Paul , where had that been said to him before ?
10 Freud 's work has been said to be unusable for this reason — that is , that it , too , was based on a biased sample .
11 The social cost of these processes , added to by government policies , has been said to be the end of ‘ consensus politics ’ and a turning away from the notion that the social hierarchy can be perceived to be legitimate .
12 Those who act at the place of business must be doing so on the business of the company and not their own account ; the crucial question has been said to be , ‘ Does the agent in carrying out the foreign corporation 's business make a contract for the corporation , or does the agent in carrying out his own business , sell a contract for the foreign corporation ? ’ .
13 The principal problem about them has generally been said to be that of their meaning or semantics .
14 In Ryan [ 19921 Crim.L.R. 187 , where the identifying witness was brought to and conducted around the police station where the parade took place by officers involved in the investigation , the Court of Appeal regarded what had occurred as a ‘ substantial breach ’ of the Code , and the subsequent identification of the suspect was admitted in evidence only because there was proof that nothing untoward had in fact been said to the witness by the officers in question .
15 Section 33 of the Taxes Management Act 1970 , even if it applies to composite rate tax , is not applicable for a number of reasons , not least that no valid assessment could be made under an invalid regulation , that no assessment was in fact made and that , even if made , the assessment could not on the facts of the present case have been said to be ‘ excessive by reason of some error or mistake in a return : ’ section 33(1) .
16 More generally , however , this tort has been said to be the genus of which the other unlawful means torts ( intimidation and interference with contract and conspiracy where unlawful means are involved ) are species .
17 A trade union or union official calling its members out on strike is therefore protected but it has been said to be arguable that an individual striker has no protection against a claim that he uses unlawful means when he withdraws his labour because this situation does not appear to fall within section 13(1) .
18 This is despite a major reduction in the proportion of calls performed by deputising services , the use of which had been said to be the main factor increasing the numbers of night visits .
19 He had all their attention now , every eye was wide and bright upon him , Herluin and Robert irresistibly moved to hoping against hope , but very wary of disappointment , Nicol interested but bewildered , for nothing had been said to him of the loss of Saint Winifred 's reliquary , or the possibility that he might have had it aboard his wagon , and had been robbed of it with all the rest .
20 Father , why has no word been said to us of this matter ? ’
21 Not a word had been said to him of any untoward suspicions , or of the threat of an eyewitness coming to judgement this very night .
22 ‘ I think that 's the kindest thing that 's been said to me for ages , Ben dear .
23 The canvassing by a member of other members of the court , for or against a forthcoming application , has been said to be improper : Macdougall v. Miller ( 1900 ) 8 S.L.T. 284 ; and has led to proceedings being quashed : R. v. Ferguson ( 1890 ) 54 J.P .
24 In Britain various landforms have been said to be exhumed from beneath a covering of Triassic sediments .
25 The following are some of the features that have been said to be characteristic of primitive societies .
26 However , if he 's left alone for a minute it feels like an hour to him , he can not remember what has just been said to him , therefore he will repeat himself endlessly , and he has no frame of references to enable him to take part in any kind of conversation .
27 It has been said to be a fundamental contradiction in the Weberian model of bureaucracy .
28 Much more could be and has been written about this ‘ difference principle ’ ( 2a ) and its strengths and weaknesses , but enough has been said to , at least , give the flavour of the notion .
29 It is strong where personal liberty or property rights are affected , but has been said to be weaker in the case of modern statutes , particularly those establishing a sophisticated regulatory regime , such as the FSA .
30 what somebody comes to that , tomorrow and knocks at that door and says look I 've been sent here by you say good bye , good night , good luck nothing has been said to me , I
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