Example sentences of "be the corner " in BNC.

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1 Dundee United have been the corner shop competing with the hypermarkets of Glasgow , and business has been brisk with pockets of profitability .
2 When one thinks , however , that coming up the Sacred Way one 's first sight of the building would be the corner , the long Gigantomachy stretching in front of one , the combat of the east abutting on it and the seated gods closing the composition at the end , one understands that it is so designed to suit its position ; as the formal archaic structure of the west frieze suits the highly decorated frontally approached entrance-fa├žade .
3 But what Katherine liked best were the corner shelves which housed three miniature cities , carved out of wood and painted by an expert hand so that they evoked future urban landscapes .
4 This testing and results were the corner stone of the startup case which allowed the Unit to begin generating before the end of 1992 .
5 A popular choice is the corner bath , because although it takes up more floor area than a rectangular bath and runs along two walls , it actually requires less wall length ( typically 1300 or 1400mm ) , allowing more flexibility when planning a moderately sized , squarish bathroom .
6 Nor is the corner to be negotiated by reductions in the privileges enjoyed by trade unions which leave largely untouched their function as monopolistic suppliers of labour .
7 It 's the corner flat in that block on Harrow Road .
8 This was the corner to which she had tottered , her mother holding her on white leather reins , her legs encased in knitted leggings whose scratchiness she could still remember .
9 Yes , well cos you see , I mean , you see you begin life as erm your , your shop was the corner shop erm you know the shop was the Co-op and of course erm we always went each week , my brother and I , er to the Co-op for the groceries you see , so it was all Co-op .
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