Example sentences of "[vb infin] from time to time " in BNC.

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1 IT is high time that we stopped this charade of swearing allegiance to the Queen and her heirs and successors because we do not know from time to time who they are .
2 For him , Bridgnorth would always be associated with the antics of a ghost that obviously liked railway engines and would appear from time to time to warn of impending accidents .
3 New ideas do , however , appear from time to time .
4 They would appear from time to time and taunt the old couple , reminding them of their past lives and the failures or mistakes which had brought them to the castle ( though never detailing them — neither Quiss nor Ajayi knew what the other had done to justify sending them here .
5 But good news for birthday boys and girls — the popular Birthday File will still appear from time to time .
6 The psychiatrist was called Mr Rose and was , as far as Marcus could remember from time to time , medium in height , medium brown in colouring and with a medium tenor voice when he spoke , which was infrequently .
7 Unless the mutation has become established , it is extremely rare for such forms to be found in the wild , although they must occur from time to time .
8 The list is comprehensive and correct at the time of publication , but additions and deletions may occur from time to time .
9 In general Keynesians recognized that changes in W could occur from time to time , but the factors influencing these changes were extrinsic to the equations of the income-expenditure model .
10 No attempt should be made to use monetary policy to offset any disturbances which may occur from time to time .
11 Do you pause from time to time to thank God for the hundred and one tiny joys that make up each day ?
12 ‘ I 'm not sure , but from things he let drop from time to time I think there probably was .
13 But seriously , vacancies will arise from time to time in all areas within the company .
14 There are other arguments that have been made along the same general lines , to the effect that to capture regular processes ( e.g. syntactic regularities ) one must refer to pragmatic concepts ( see e.g. Ross , 1975 ) , arguments that will arise from time to time in the Chapters below .
15 Doctors from the hospital told the coroner that although it was ’ highly unusual ’ for such a thing to occur , such complications did arise from time to time .
16 Although it has tended during its fairly-long aquarium history to virtually disappear from time to time , it is currently fairly commonly available , so this seems a good time to take a detailed look at this fish and its requirements .
17 Any thoughtful linguist must wonder from time to time if such a legacy can have been shaken off completely in the relatively short time during which scientific linguistics has existed .
18 I never established anything like a friendship with him , but our paths did cross from time to time .
19 In education , as in other disciplines , bodies of opinion may develop from time to time which present an unusually sharp challenge to accepted wisdom .
20 The following three forms of rates of interest may be regarded as suitable for use where it is envisaged that the rate of interest should fluctuate from time to time according to market rates :
21 She is one of several on whose services I may call from time to time .
22 But there are certain feelings and reactions in bereavement that are common to much of the animal kingdom , including the human race , and all who are caring for the bereaved need to be aware of them , as well as being ready to accept the tremendous range of responses that people can produce from time to time in their efforts to deal with their painful situation .
23 The Italian thinks that if he can ever sing Puccini the climax of his life has been reached ; but even so , with all the omissions that can be charged against Italy — such that as a musical country she ceased to exist after the seventeenth century and has certainly reached deliquescence with Messrs Malpiero , Pratella and Co — she even now does produce from time to time singers who are not merely singers but great artists , as Battistini who , at over 60 , is an example for those who can take it of the extent to which a voice can be preserved in all its beauty when it is used as a musical instrument and not as a fog siren or a pair of nutcrackers . ’
24 Shown here is a very small selection which will change from time to time .
25 Again , since truth is held to be individual and also fallible , rulership will be both conditional and also temporary ; because clearly the views as to what is true and therefore proper for government to act upon will change from time to time as opinion fluctuates amongst the body of the people .
26 The motives influencing a particular individual may change from time to time , and their relative importance may also vary , depending on the situation .
27 The enduring relationship is treated as a perpetual debt and is made manifest from time to time by continued gift-giving throughout the duration of the marriage .
28 Their function can vary from time to time and place to place .
29 This commitment to shared worlds is in fact socially contingent and will vary from time to time and between different communicators .
30 Rates will vary from time to time in line with the general level of interest rates .
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