Example sentences of "[vb mod] be [verb] to be " in BNC.

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1 Supervisors should be trained to be observant and sensitive to the needs , morale and problems of employees subordinate to them , and must be aware of the proper channels through which specific problems may be detected and dealt with .
2 It would suggest the need for assessment in a variety of settings , and that an attempt should be made to be aware of milieu bias .
3 The Unit should be perceived to be of service to professionals in schools .
4 People are more wary about what is happening into our planet and how we should go about things , and how we should be perceived to be going about things .
5 For instance , what the Harlequins are doing with Troy Coker at the moment may be legal but it bears no relation to what the law should be or to what it should be seen to be .
6 Now play some music and observe the l.e.d. — it should be seen to be varying in brightness gently with the music .
7 Competition can be a spur to some pupils and fun in some activities , but the individual 's improvement of his own levels of attainment should be seen to be what really matters and be the most evident cause of encouragement .
8 The intention behind Mrs Whitehouse 's actions was not that Bogdanov should be punished , but that the values and beliefs espoused by the NVALA should be seen to be supported , to be successfully and , above all , publicly defended from attack .
9 Not only is it doing well , it should be seen to be doing well .
10 There is little political controversy attached to the figure of the sovereign , for as Bagehot recognized in the nineteenth century , the successful constitutional monarch should be seen to be removed from politics .
11 The duties performed by the internal auditor should be seen to be complementary to the work performed by the external auditor .
12 One of our informants cynically suggested ( though in fact with reference to the concept for Multicultural Education ) that ‘ permeation is a word used to indicate that the institution believes the issue should be seen to be addressed without wishing to provide administrative support for such addressing ’ .
13 Thus where the body is judicial in nature the lower test of reasonable suspicion should suffice , reflecting the importance of the idea that justice should be seen to be done .
14 I think that in the nineteen nineties , there is agreement that some reform is need is needed that there should be a better balance between the different groups at conference , and that decision making in the parties should be seen to be democratic open and based on one person one vote .
15 It is important that the Royal Ulster Constabulary should be seen to be in the forefront of the fight against terrorism with the support and confidence of the whole community .
16 My hon. Friend is entirely right : it is the principle that matters , and the ultimate principle is that there should be justice and that justice should be seen to be done .
17 In many spheres of public life justice should be seen to be done as well as be done , and officials should not only be impartial but be seen to be above reproach .
18 So if we could look at those things and talk to the Government to see if it 's possible , it maybe it is n't possible then that 's a different argument but we should be seen to be doing something er to let this die on it 's own will A , will deprive other people for odd jobs and in some cases I 've met the representation two guys there who used their redundancy money for Airways to purchase er a small aircraft and are running a flying school .
19 It was always our contention that justice should not only be done but that justice should be seen to be done by the due process of the public inquiry .
20 What we need to be certain about is that whatever society is involved in or whatever organisation is involved in balloting that it should be seen to be done properly .
21 There was perhaps a feeling at the start that we should be seen to be a body apart from the rest of ICI .
22 Notes for coach operators/drivers : Arrival should be timed to be within one hour of kick off .
23 If a car is unlawfully taken and then returned in a damaged state , it seems absolutely right that the person or persons responsible for taking it should be assumed to be responsible for causing the damage unless they can prove the contrary .
24 Bayes ' postulate is that , when nothing to the contrary is known , the probabilities should be assumed to be equal .
25 Bayes ' postulate is that , when nothing to the contrary is known , the probabilities should be assumed to be equal .
26 The concept , now referred to as ‘ universal precautions , ’ stresses that all patients should be assumed to be infectious for HIV , HBV , and other blood-borne pathogens .
27 This programme of study and action should be understood to be part of the wider conciliar process for Justice , Peace and Integrity of Creation , which was initiated by the World Council of Churches .
28 The basic principle of English criminal law , that a person should be presumed to be innocent until proven to have committed a criminal offence , produces another principle .
29 17–6–1848 They forwarded a memorial to Lord John Russell praying that the Post Office should be caused to be shut throughout the Kingdom on the Lord 's day ; and on 19th February 1849 they petitioned the shareholders at Perth against running trains on the Sabbath .
30 It is not enough that the property should be intended to be used in a manner that may or may not involve this definite and particular manner ( Pwllbach Colliery Co Ltd v Woodman [ 1915 ] AC 634 ) .
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