Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] [vb pp] to [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Bronchoscopy is a time-consuming , hospital-bound procedure ; ideally the technique should be limited to high-risk patients .
2 The 1977 white paper , Policy for the Inner Cities ( HMSO , 1977 ) , argued that additional powers should be granted to local authorities to enable them to assist industry .
3 The legal debate in involuntary manslaughter is over the lower threshold of homicide liability — where to draw the line between manslaughter and killings which should be ascribed to mere accident .
4 Mr Howell said no legal opinion had been sought before entering into the transactions , although a council memo suggested that visits should be made to other local authorities .
5 However , it seems unlikely that it was intended that less disclosure should be made to private customers than to professionals .
6 The rules appear to assume that a higher level of disclosure should be made to private customers , but unless the common law rules are altered by reference to the entirety of the rules and the assumptions in them rather than to a specific rule , this result may not be achieved .
7 ‘ Did you then suggest to the management team that , although the administrative assistants were arguing for party with the statistical clerks , reference should be made to similar groups in the private sector ? ’
8 Also I think that in criteria nine , that reference should be made to unacceptable coalescence being avoided .
9 In cases where clients are reluctant to accept our standard letter , and for further advice generally , reference should be made to Corporate Financial Services Unit .
10 In cases where clients are reluctant to accept our standard letter , and for further advice generally , reference should be made to Corporate Financial Services Unit .
11 Even when the subject was off-limits and the unification process had not started , Tonks made several personal comments that South Africa should be re-admitted to international rugby as soon as possible .
12 Therefore some early thought should be given to protective covers and storage .
13 Emphasis should be given to practical activities involving measurement and estimation .
14 City council leisure services director John Davies is recommending that more emphasis should be given to encouraging school parties , community groups and other visitors to use the Town Hall .
15 The ACCA thinks that too much weight is placed on NEDs and that more emphasis should be given to other mechanisms , such as internal audit and control .
16 It explains what information should be given to new staff on their first day at work .
17 They demanded that special consideration should be given to new OECD states , such as those in Eastern Europe , to ensure that these did not become a future dumping ground for EC waste .
18 It suggested that more attention should be given to multicultural matters in both initial training and in-service training of teachers , and the effectiveness of racism awareness training should be investigated .
19 In an ideal hierarchy , technical and substantive levels would be congruent ; however , in cases of conflict between the two ( which is , of course , possible only in the case of a branching hierarchy ) , primacy should be given to substantive levels .
20 There is the opportunity to manage and develop the legal function in the most effective manner , deciding which matters should be handled personally , which matters should be given to outside solicitors and whether or when to consult specialist counsel .
21 If , simultaneously , the short-term frequency increases , but the numbers of citations per paper decreases , then the research group has reached the subject 's saturation limit , and consideration should be given to levelling-off or reducing funding for these projects .
22 Instead of a tax Cefic has suggested that help should be given to eastern Europe to help reduce energy consumption .
23 It suggests that licenses should be given to independent radio and TV stations which would encourage high professional and technical standards .
24 Planning elements ( for instance , what time-scales should be applied to new product development activities ? )
25 This Act referred primarily to private establishments but the same criteria should be applied to local authority homes .
26 It may be decided that different restrictions should be applied to different partners , particularly in relation to area restraints .
27 Cover should be cut to different lengths to maximise diversity , beg long grasses by a hedge and short grasses next to the crop .
28 The EC Council of ( Consumer Affairs ) Ministers agreed on Nov. 9 , 1989 , on a directive preparing the way for EC-wide levels of product safety for consumer goods in the unified market , but rejected the Commission 's demand that the rule should be extended to non-consumer products .
29 Proposals put forward by Mitterrand on July 14 , 1989 , that the right of referral to the Constitutional Council ( Conseil constitutionel ) should be extended to individual citizens resulted in a draft law which was approved by the Council of Ministers on March 28 , 1990 .
30 Many ministers were said to support the view that exceptional aid to Poland and Egypt , effectively writing off half their debt , should be extended to other countries .
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