Example sentences of "[vb mod] [adv] have a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 The magisterial pronouncement of Sir George Macdonald on the Antonine Wall has now been overthrown by the brilliant study of the samian by Brian Hartley ( 1972 ) , and the work at Carpow and other Severan sites will help to stabilize the dating of the pottery of this period , so with more revisions and adjustments , we may eventually have a framework which will endure , but only possible since all the groundwork had been so carefully prepared .
2 Oh my god , an Indian , oh let's all have a party Anyway alright gorgeous .
3 Harry may only have a walk-on part at Birdland , but he 's still the star of the show .
4 A hotel may apply for a full on-licence ; on the other hand small establishments may merely have a restaurant licence or a residential licence .
5 But the development of continuing education must eventually have a backwash effect on initial professional education at the undergraduate stage .
6 A Christian position must necessarily have a Christology .
7 Applicants should normally have a degree or Higher National Diploma in an agricultural science or related ( including geography ) subject .
8 Businesses searching for financial assistance can be start-ups or already trading , and should normally have a business plan .
9 And this man came to the door , and he went to get the hold belt , that should just have a tape recorder on conversation just throughout the week so it 's getting all sorts of rubbish going in there ,
10 But first I must just have a word with you about … ’
11 I hoped desperately that we should soon have a respite , however short , but the trawl would be alongside once more and the pens filled up again .
12 I was n't suggesting you betray any human warmth in your soul by sharing a bed — simply pointing out that yours is unslept in , whereas mine at least should still have a remnant of heat in it . ’
13 He 's still only 32–33 so should still have a season or two left in him .
14 If continued taking of the medicine does not produce remedy symptoms then the patient must still have a disease/energy disturbance that matches the disease producing capacity of the remedy .
15 The justification for a scale of ‘ utility ’ is that any two outcomes can always be ranked , because an individual must always have a preference between them .
16 We must always have a note , you see .
17 ‘ If it is a gesture , then it must always have a meaning . ’
18 His uncle 's birthday was noted , he must always have a Christmas present bought and sent in good time .
19 A slight body shift by the defender is undoubtedly the best form of defence against a strong punch from a much bigger and heavier opponent , though the defender should always have a backup block ready , in case the attack is only diverted , not completely sent off course .
20 Open fires should always have a fireguard .
21 No reason why even the most unfortunate mortal should ever have a breath of depression .
22 Rather than arguing that elderly people should automatically have a right to all forms of screening or other selective treatments , we should ask whether such programmes should be in Operation at all , and if the resources would not be better deployed in alternative approaches .
23 The system must also have a structure such as an ordered set of channels through which the energy can be directed .
24 The lamp must also have a starter to heat the electrodes to a temperature where they begin to emit electrons .
25 You must also have a rent book , if you pay rent weekly , as proof of your financial transactions .
26 Women patients with recurrent vaginal thrush should also have a course of nystatin pessaries while they are taking the nystatin powder .
27 You should also have a treasurer or accountant to supervise the spending of the money and a finance chairman to raise it .
28 It can be fairly expensive , since sound reproduction must be very good , and it should also have a facility for making recordings .
29 It should also have a role in promoting industrial and regional investment in order to secure stable and coordinated growth throughout the Community .
30 Every school , even the smallest primary school , should also have a governor from local industry or commerce .
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