Example sentences of "[vb -s] [be] hold to [be] " in BNC.

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1 Even within the United Kingdom , an Act of Parliament ( the Northern Ireland Parliament , set up under the Government of Ireland Act 1920 which withheld certain powers from it ) has been held to be limited in respect of the range of authority which it conferred ( Belfast Corporation v O.D. Cars Ltd [ 1960 ] AC 490 ) .
2 In a number of decided cases a landlord has been held to be acting reasonably in refusing consent in these circumstances :
3 Pedalling an auto-assisted bicycle without starting the engine has been held to be driving away .
4 In such a case a complete reconsideration of the case , including the taking of evidence and the finding of facts , would be a waste of time and money ; so the court can remit the case and direct the authority to reconsider the facts in the light of the law as it has been held to be .
5 Many countries , mainly those in the civil law tradition , have made this declaration , including Belgium , Czechoslovakia , Egypt , France , Germany , Luxembourg , Norway , Portugal , Seychelles and Turkey ( but not Italy ) ; accordingly an attempt to serve process via a United States Vice-Consul in the German Federal Republic has been held to be ineffective and the Netherlands Ministry of External Affairs was held to have acted properly when it refused to accept a document intended for service via the diplomatic channel on a defendant in France .
6 For that God has been conceived as male , and that biblical teaching which arose out of a patriarchal society has been held to be the revelation of God , must surely be seen to be the underlying facts of western culture which have led to discrimination against women .
7 For instance , Heisenberg 's indeterminacy principle has been held to be a reason to reject the Law of Excluded Middle .
8 Mr. Roth contended that it is inconceivable that a party who has been held to be merely negligent should be required to contribute to the damages payable by a party who has been found guilty of fraud .
9 As for animals belonging to a dangerous species , a camel has been held to be such because it may cause severe injury by kicking and biting , but strict liability was imposed for injuries suffered by falling off the camel because of its irregular gait .
10 Thus , natural justice has been held to be applicable to cases of disciplinary action within a university and to expulsion for failure in examinations , although in the latter case the examiners had based their decision on the personal attributes of the candidate as well as exam marks .
11 The effect of this has been held to be that , even if the company omits to put them on the register they become members and holders of the number of shares stated .
12 Accordingly , it has been held to be unfair to dismiss a man convicted of one isolated act of incest for which he received a probationary sentence .
13 In civil proceedings similar fact evidence has been held to be admissible where logically relevant provided that this will not be oppressive or unfair to the party concerned ( Mood Music Publishing v De Wolfe Ltd [ 1976 ] 1 Ch 119 ) .
14 ( b ) Public interest privilege Certain information has been held to be privileged because there is a public interest in maintaining its confidentiality .
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