Example sentences of "[was/were] [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 Reason bein' , we did a complete sweep of the whole area outside the perimeter of the grounds , jes ' in case our man wuz lyin' up in the vicinity .
2 ‘ Listen lawman , I wuz brought up on the streets .
3 They said whole fields were ripped up into the air !
4 Extraordinary as the two operations were , they were propelled along by the belief of many players — both principals and walkers-on — — that the ends were just .
5 Or maybe a process of natural selection had winnowed out the overworked and discontented , the theoretical and jaded and left the few who were propelled back to the school by the same affection , curiosity and remembered enthusiasm that had drawn us .
6 And if the base of the wall could not be penetrated , movable towers were built which could be wheeled up to attack the wall from without ; in the longer sieges , such as that of Antioch during the First Crusade , fixed towers were erected over against the walls to harry the defenders and enable a watch to be kept on them .
7 With a heavy heart , Robert followed her towards the smooth , mysterious features of the house , whose windows , on this side , he could now see , were blacked out from the inside .
8 Times have changed dramatically for the worse in Wales , a condition brought on as much as anything by the masochistic fixture-making which has brought about so much contact between the countries since the Welsh were blacked out in the 1987 World Cup semi-final .
9 Two boys were remanded in to the care of the local authority by Leeds youth court last night .
10 The year 1973 came close to repeating the triumphs of 1972 but , as usual in FI , other cars were catching up with the Lotus , though not in qualifying , for 1973 was the year in which Ronnie Peterson notched an astonishing nine pole positions and a place on the front row in twelve of the season 's fifteen races , as against one and five for Emerson , Peterson finishing a mere three points behind Fittipaldi .
11 These large abscesses were pointed out by the farm manager to Mrs Brough , who photographed them .
12 As the first grey slivers of dawn were filtering down through the trees , Roger Forester climbed stiffly from his hire car and stood on the track beside it , stretching his sore limbs and trying to beat some warmth into himself .
13 Naval vessels were also contributed by Belgium and Italy ( which both on Aug. 21 confirmed that minesweepers sent initially to the eastern Mediterranean were to proceed on to the Gulf ) ; Greece announced on Aug. 20 that a frigate would join the naval forces in the Gulf , and Spain made a similar announcement the following day .
14 In fact most outstanding problems were ironed out over the last couple of months , Goldstein says ; bug fixing remains .
15 In fact most outstanding problems were ironed out over the last couple of months , Goldstein says ; bug fixing remains .
16 On 26 December , 114 Lower Church Street and adjoining properties which had been leased to W. A. Reeves , the furnisher , since the offices were given up by the South Metropolitan Company , were sold to him .
17 Remarkably , they were given back by the owner without payment .
18 Numerous prizes , generously donated by sponsors , were given out at the end of the day .
19 Details of these were given out at the April training day and included in that days ' notes .
20 Here and there lumps of metal were sticking out of the masonry .
21 The mangled remains of a bicycle were sticking out of the windscreen of the lower car .
22 Sleek towers that were telescoping down into the undercity , leaving great smooth plazas where they had previously reared , chequerboard-patterned spaces with a hint of roof outlines .
23 When I 'd called in at Sunil 's place after Prentice had driven off , Nassim was on the landing yelling orders to the builders who were crashing around in the bathroom .
24 Oh yes we the boys were taught along with the girls , yes we were , we were all on , just in the one room .
25 Such arguments over values , political or religious , were to go on into the next decade .
26 If one of these groups were to go over to the other side — as the army did in Romania — the balance of forces would be altered .
27 Off you go , ’ and I gathered we were to go back to the beginning and start again .
28 Twenty-five per cent of decisions reviewed were changed , 57% were referred back to the local office and in 18% of cases the original decision was confirmed .
29 When process of care measures were reanalysed after excluding the 21 patients who were referred back to the hospital clinic other than through the prompting system , all process of care measures in table IV remained more frequent in the prompted subgroup ( n=65 prompted subjects ) .
30 I was pretty odd for Blackheath but not in comparison with the people who were hanging out at the It office .
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