Example sentences of "[is] just i do n't " in BNC.

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1 I 'm rather surprised that but there you are this this er this stuff this is coming they were both being one and another er put here and er um um I suppose the idea is that the er two people should be fairly good but I think it 's going somewhere and as I say it 's down again … let's see what else has gone er the the this is just I do n't know how she di ’ how they did this but it must have been fairly hard when they did it and er I think there is n't v-very much there I think . ’
2 is just I do n't care what anybody says .
3 Ha ha , it 's your au — fr … parents ' friend , Janice , Gav beamed , radiating unrepentant guilt ; came round here the other day looking for you we got talking went for a curry had a few drinks ended up back here one thing led to another know how it is always liked older women they 're more experienced know what I mean arf arf anyway spent an extremely enjoyable New Year at her place apart from the usual visit to my folk 's of course oh by the way she 's coming round here tonight I 'm cooking lasagne can you swap rooms seeing Norris wo n't be back until tomorrow it 's just I did n't expect you back until then either , that okay ?
4 It 's just I do n't relish any of Jahsaxa 's colleagues making a nuisance of themselves here .
5 It 's just I do n't really know much about them because they live quietly . ’
6 it 's just I do n't have any Ventolin .
7 It 's just I do n't feel the need to have them round me any more , and I think that suits them and it 's silly to make them pretend the contrary . ’
8 I ca n't really tell you why it 's just I do n't like the do n't like the idea of children going round er begging for treats , treats money whatever it might be .
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