Example sentences of "[is] [adv] i do n't " in BNC.

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1 And am sorry about my ring , but it 's best I do n't wear it .
2 It 's best I do n't see Anna .
3 I 'm rather surprised that but there you are this this er this stuff this is coming they were both being one and another er put here and er um um I suppose the idea is that the er two people should be fairly good but I think it 's going somewhere and as I say it 's down again … let's see what else has gone er the the this is just I do n't know how she di ’ how they did this but it must have been fairly hard when they did it and er I think there is n't v-very much there I think . ’
4 is just I do n't care what anybody says .
5 It 's just I do n't relish any of Jahsaxa 's colleagues making a nuisance of themselves here .
6 It 's just I do n't really know much about them because they live quietly . ’
7 it 's just I do n't have any Ventolin .
8 It 's just I do n't feel the need to have them round me any more , and I think that suits them and it 's silly to make them pretend the contrary . ’
9 I ca n't really tell you why it 's just I do n't like the do n't like the idea of children going round er begging for treats , treats money whatever it might be .
10 A , that I was upset , I do n't like being fined , but it 's also I do n't like being told off by anybody , you know , it 's a sort of basic child reaction .
11 It 's slightly it 's slightly I do n't know I I still like that one actually I mean w
12 I remember coming for tea and er the table was where it is now I do n't know whether it was
13 I do n't see what difference it makes , a child not understanding , there 's plenty I do n't understand .
14 Aye it 's yeah it 's well I do n't know but I think it 's it is definitely coming on Friday .
15 That 's well I do n't know whether that 's real cheese or cream cheese .
16 Oh , that 's twice I do n't know , do n't make so much difference but I 'm only a , sort of uneducated slob , but there you go oh god , it 's boring
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