Example sentences of "[is] [noun] for you [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 Yeah , because it 's money for you to spend
2 Junctions controlled by traffic lights do not go forward when the traffic lights are green unless there is room for you to clear the junction safely , never go forward when the red , amber lights are shown together , when traffic lights have a green arrow filter signal , do not get into the lane when filtering is allowed unless you .
3 So some of the things that we 're going to be looking at this morning is ways for you to use , that the people working with you can come up with some new ideas , but you can also use these ways yourself , because sometimes you do n't have the luxury of people to help you with your problem .
4 Take a note that 's avenue for you to explore .
5 ‘ It is time for you to serve me . ’
6 ‘ My father 's old housekeeper — he and she grew old together — has a daughter who needs to make money ; , she lives in Nile Street , and if you were to say that I sent you , she might well be glad to put you up till it is time for you to go to Oxford . ’
7 If you will be abroad on polling day you have to vote by proxy unless there is time for you to apply for , receive and return a postal ballot paper before leaving the United Kingdom .
8 And now I think it 's time for you to move in . ’
9 ‘ It 's time for you to take breakfast to the labourer at the kiln ! ’
10 When it 's time for you to go , then you must go .
11 Anyway Douglas it 's time for you to go and have your next injection is n't it ?
12 One evening he rang Bobby , saying : ‘ It 's time for you to do something about Marilyn , she 's bugging me . ’
13 ‘ It 's time for you to do your number ’ , Lawford said .
14 Those are my plans for the future , now it 's time for you to air your views . ’
15 " I think lad , " Dan Brady said seriously , " it 's time for you to leave the house .
16 It 's time for you to have a go :
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